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  1. Sent you a DM gorgeous. Hope it's respectable enough 🥰 ❤️👍


  2. You're amazing darlin. Just replied now ❤️👍 xxx 

  3. Replied to your DM my bromance buddy. Luv ya ❤️

  4. Just replied to your DM my bromance lovely 😉

  5. Just replied to your DM sweetcheeks 🥰😘 x

  6. Just replied. I need to sleep. Luv ya x

  7. Hellooooo gorgeous 😍 just replied to your DM. 

    1. Lee249


      Sent another 😉 luv ya loads x 

  8. Hello you... Just wanted to drop a line sweetcheeks 😋

    1. maxfli


      How was your week hot stuff?

    2. Lee249


      Non-stop busy, busy, busy as per darlin.

      I've got hot water back on. Bit tricky arranging time off for the boiler people to come out & install the parts required. Hefty £700 bill! Apart from that i'm all good lol. 

      Chillin tonight with a tasty Chinese methinks. Maybe a bottle of well-deserved wine included. Gonna push the boat out 😜

      How's your week been? 


  9. Thanks for the DM me lovely ❤️ I've just replied 😁 it's so great us chatting! Still nervous lol. Tons of respect for you x

    1. Lee249


      Replied to your DM mate x 

  10. Yup, sleeping issues I'm afraid. I wanted to check in with my bromance bud as it's been ages. Hope you're ok. Luv ya sweetie ❤️

  11. So awesome to see you online my bromance bud 😉❤️

  12. Lets natter over the weekend ❤️ xx

  13. Hey awesome 👍 I can't wait to have a live call with you ❤️

    1. maxfli


      Same here. 😍

    2. Lee249


      It's great that you dropped by on my channel. Thanks darlin. Gonna do some pics in a jiffy.

      I'm wearing a fave pair boxers! X 

  14. You're always AMAZING! Love it buddy thanks. Much love ❤️ xx 

    1. maxfli


      Ohhh thanks sweetie! 🥰

    2. Lee249


      It's always a pleasure when we're concerned 😉 luv ya x 

  15. DM sent beautiful ❤️ either way,, I'm chuffed as things stand because you're a great bloke! 


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