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    These are the craziest pair of ripped knee super skinny stretch jeans i own, but i love them. Yep, i wear them out and about and also when sagging
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    Mmmmm he's hot Thanks for sharing him with us! Gonna see if i can find more vids.
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    Thats really hot, and there is no problem to keep them at least for some days and then give it back. I often wear my flatmates underwear when I know he will be out for some time. He is a hot straight guy, very fit and with the biggest **** I have ever seen. We do laundry together, so its kind of easy to take some pics and wear his boxers for a while (as I am right now, ******* hard as every time I wear them). The most amazing thing is that his boxers on the dirty basket are almost always with cum ( I believe he always cleans himself with own underwear). God, it makes me so horny to smell, lick and wear his underwear! I'm a lucky guy
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    I ones saw a guy with two big holes in his jeans ass. Only the seam in the middle holds his jeans together. His boxers were hanging out of those holes.
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    From the album: Luke Champeny

    Love wearing these just need mates to sagg with xx
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