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  1. I really should start taking new pics. I worry about what others think. Gained weight since my last album. Insecure about it tbh hence, my reluctance. Ps, that is my hoody riding over top lol Wearing Crosshatch now.
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  3. Don’t let it get to you that much! You’ve been one of those people whose photos I’ve been admiring for a very long time and I’m sure new ones you do now would look just as amazing! about the other stuff: yeah it sucks. But the best we can do is try to help as much as possible and keep people safe. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
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  4. Nice pic, you should share more often!!!
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  5. Low sagger at 34:19-34:33
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  6. New video from 2 rappers who have a great sag: Best part is 00:58-01:03 but nice sags too at 00:32; 00:46-00:47; 00:49; 01:06-01:13; 01:35; 01:41-01:43
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