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  1. Hi I’m just wondering (sorry not posted in a while) have you ever been sagging, and either when bending down or walking, your boxers have been slipping down abs not your jeans. I have just recently, it was on the afternoon and I was doing housework, I could feel something was different on my clothing, I thought my jeans are coming down, (learned to go without a belt at home now didn’t before) so I carried on, than when I was making my bed and I could see myself in the mirror, I could see my crack was on the tip of exposition, I ignored it because it was normal for me so carried on. When I
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  2. It doesn't happen much in the UK as loose boxers are usually only worn by old men. Only 1 person I know my age wears them. Most people wear boxerbriefs, some wear briefs and a few wear compression shorts (like me).
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  3. great picture - mirror offset with the wall and a good sag in the mirror.
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