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  1. Cool Pics C.sagger

  2. what about people that had donated in the past?
  3. i bought a new toy last night

    1. Daddysgums


      What kinda of toy hehe 

    2. CJS90



  4. cool pics skylar

  5. I recently found out i am a furry and woundering if there is other furries here
  6. I been doing soul searching and found out i am furry

  7. can we get more chat mods in the discord pls

  8. i saw a really hot sagger today in the bank was wearing black bbs and holister jeans no belt


    1. Lee249


      Sounds nice Chris 😀👍

    2. Neverstopsaggingsexy


      And low was the sag? 

  9. i am gay right and been feeling abit like i want to be locked as Chasity and do sounding and stuff and also being a slave and it makes me abit worried tho
  10. the other day i was at my local food market and damn i saw saggers left and right they where wearing skater jeans and joggers and sagging mid ass

    1. Lee249


      Sounds hot Chris. Were they wearing colourful designs? Any bulges appear? Need more details please haha thanks dude 😊

  11. Hi guys had a mri thursday on my back found out my spine is degenerating and have arthitis in my lower the l5 and S1 bones

    1. Lee249


      Hi Chris, i am sorry to hear this shocking news! 😢 Always here for you sweetie xx 


  12. Did u know justiin beiber wears jncos now 😮

    1. ILES31


      I just googled it. Not a fan of the jncos. I'll have to see, maybe we'll get some nice sagging pictures in them.

    2. Lee249


      Now I do haha! thanks. 

  13. i need hugs like bad


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    2. CaptainPanther


      Aww man something's wrong when I guy asks for hugs...with arms wide open I am sending you massive virtual hugs across the net. Hope everything is alright?

    3. Astg94


      Sending you hugs Chris!

    4. Lee249


      Virtual hugs sent Chris 🤗 take care x 


  14. ur one of the people i look up too
  15. How is everyones loctober going?


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    2. CaptainPanther


      We're not in lockdown at the moment..the old bojo opened everything up months ago. No one seems to give a damn over here any more coz of all the messing about by them people. Makes my working life really hard. How is yours going?

    3. CJS90


      loctobeer is locking ur stuff up down stairs

    4. CaptainPanther


      LOL ohhhh my bad....nope no locking of stuff set the beast free LOL 🤣😂🤣

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