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  1. hey whats up dude? we should chat sometime about other preppy saggers.

  2. The ones I know would be from the Detroit network. Went to school with them through middle school, then switched to private school. A couple live a few houses down from my mom.

  3. Hey there! I saw your comment about the recent set of sagger pics I put up. That's so cool that you actually know some of these guys! The majority of the pics I found on Facebook in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit networks--does that mean you live in one of those areas? I'm near Rockford, IL, myself, so not very far away from Milwaukee or Chicago...

  4. heyy.. whats up? hit me up on AIM or yahoo. :)

  5. Hi!

    I also love preppy saggers.

    Do you sag? How much?

    Take care!


  6. Hey there!

    I just wanted to say 'hi' because your screenname caught my attention -- I love preppy style saggers the best!

    Would love to talk more!

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