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    I'm Yannis. I'm a Belgian boy who's a sagger. I joint this site because I look around for tips to get used to it and stuff. I prefer boxer briefs though I think loose boxers could be nice as well (except they don't show off a guy's **** that well, except if they're hung)
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    figure skating, drawing, photography, boxers, sagging
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    student (is it a job?)

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  1. board shorts or just speedo long johns
  2. My Skype is TombRaider008
  3. Mine is TombRaider008, add me
  4. Dude what a HOT profile pic you've got! i want to eat that ass

  5. Uploading new pics!

  6. New pictures! Finally! They're waiting to be published.

  7. I'm a vlogger myself with no decent lighting in my room. So I'm stuck with day light most of the time. And whenever it's sunny but you got those fluffy clouds...focusing my cam is hell.
  8. They actually do if they wanna keep up the quality of their videos. Light can be very fickle especially in Joe's room of the apartment. He gets horizontal stripes if he just films without extra lighting and stuff. And it helps keeping the camera focused.
  9. The only thing I own in leather is a jacket which is by far my most expensive item of clothing, safe for my 3 piece suit. I'm a sucker for a guy in leather jackets.
  10. Loud (Accoustic version) - R5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIqThaxvQbY
  11. That moment you recognise someone by the shape of their bum!

  12. This enough of a bulge for you?
  13. Currently watching The Flash (2014) Grant Gustin is just so smexy!
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