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  1. sagbelowtheass

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I used to smoke a lot more than I do now. I got a juul about a year ago because it's small and discrete, so now I can get my fix basically anywhere any time. I don't think I'll ever fully give up cigs though.
  2. sagbelowtheass


    How old were you when you first started to smoke? Had my first cig at 14 but didn't become a regular smoker till 18 How did you get your first cigarette? stole it from a stranger's pack How old are you now? 20 Are you still a smoker? yes What brand do you smoke? Marlboro 27s How many packs a day do you smoke? a little under 1 but I smoke spliffs every day too, so it ends up being more than 1 Boxers or boxer briefs? definitely briefs
  3. Saw this video on youtube and thought it was a pretty share-worthy find~
  4. sagbelowtheass

    Jerking Sagger

    It's great to see some young saggers to continue the style! The boy in the purple briefs is going to grow into a truly amazing sagger. His pair definitely won the battle too.
  5. sagbelowtheass

    What is your waist size?

    I'm a 29 so I usually buy 30 or 31 in skinny jeans so they fall at least half-ass. I pull them down farther from there.
  6. sagbelowtheass

    So...who's Getting An Iphone 4s!?

    Is it possible to upload pictures to saggerworld from an iPhone?

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