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  1. NZ won the Wellington sevens. Woop! And so many hot saggers out and about this weekend.

  2. Just took a natural healthcare hay fever tablet. Never ever again. Bleurgh.

  3. Right handed, but left footed....
  4. Job hunting sucks.

    1. CaptainPanther


      Tell me bro, tell me.

    2. Sagonmyface


      Working is worse, lol

    3. nzstripes


      Being povo is worse.

  5. 2am and doing my last ever university assignment... Due in at 4pm. Oops.

    1. CaptainPanther


      good luck with your assignment and hope you get great results man

  6. Taylor Swift - Holy Ground Reminds me of my trip to Europe
  7. I should really take some new pics

    1. Lee249


      Erm, yeah you should lol. Lovely tumblr page btw. I got if bookmarked :)

    2. nzstripes
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