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  1. Cut 25yo I was 8 or 9 when i first masterbated Ohhh yes, plenty of my straight friends Lots of fetishes: skate shoes, no show socks, piss, sagging, feet, and many more
  2. Love guys in skate shoes and hightops, especially if they're wearing no show socks or ankle socks.
  3. That sounds amazing! Would love to get drenched in piss while sagging
  4. Piss play all the way 😍 Top or bottom
  5. ******* hot! Love all your videos!
  6. Starbucks Hightop or lowtop skate shoes
  7. Love wearing other guys used underwear, especially if there's cum stains on them
  8. I'm down for this! Haven't pissed my pants in a while
  9. I'd love to buy it trade underwear! I'd like some with a couple of loads busted in them
  10. Your new album is great! :)

  11. yo bro, just wanted to say that you and your bf are so hot and that i love your sags! id love to meet you both!

  12. hey, your sag is so ******* sexy!!!! if you ever want to meet up, chill, or have some fun hit me up! id love to hear from you

  13. Thanks! you have some nice pics too! :)

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