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    live in NSW australia not getting anymore out of me Have to have some secrets to keep, seems hotter
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    games, jackin off, seeing mates cock when we sleep together, wanking friends when they sleep.
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    apprentice chef

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  1. heyyyy! hows it goin?? hit me up sometime!



  2. hey man doyou have any other pics we can trade pics cos id love to see more
  3. im glad you like my pictures dude you should post some more of yourself

  4. Your interests on your profile are such a big turn on : P

  5. the boxers that he was wearing were silky half black and green and yes I could see this boxers under his shorts and he got a boner for our sports uniform is a singlet and shorts and what happened was he looked at guys pits and when everyone was running and saw bulges moving it turned him on. If anyone has any pics of there boxers coming out of there shorts love to see them. my email is finalfantasyguy@aol.com.au.
  6. When I wear sport shorts with my boxers you can see my orange and black boxers. about 3 cms shows sometimes. once one of the guys got a boner duing sport we all laughed but I felt badfor him so I forced one on we both laughed but as we walk home in the same direction, we decided to play. As we walked home he felt up my school short. instantly hard on and he came close and put his hand down my pants and wanked me. Then I pushed him in some bushes so we could not be seen by other people and I pulled his pants off and sucked his c**k while he sucked mine. I love trading boxer shorts with people
  7. that sounds ******* hot I do the same thing duing sport my manage bouncing around all over the place and seeing other guys makes for one ******* hot hour of school.
  8. **** man love da pics can ya post up some pics or you can send them to finalfantasyguy@aol.com.au

  9. what is your dailyqr account is you have one

  10. want to show off your hot pics to other saggers or you just want to talk then join dailyqr.com its free and there are some hot guys on there. If you want to find me search for harry nicks and Ill be there see soon on the site, you'll love it.
  11. can you send me some pics my email is finalfantasyguy@aol.com.au

  12. hay whats your email

  13. r u damn serious? there is nothing much about me as a hot person lol? thanks for the compliment too dude. cheers

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