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  1. hey man i live in sydney, hit me up

  2. no dude its cool i think we've talked before on msn im actually still in australia, but about to go up to Papua New Guinea for almost two weeks to do some diving...then ill be back in Aus..ur in sydney right? Have to say it sucks here for seeing guys in boxers! everyone seems to wear bonds boxer briefs. so differnet from last time i came and everyone seemed to wear boxers.. what kind of boxers do u wear and how much of them do u usually let show? I bought some satin boxers while i was here they dont sell them in the us. my email is jrrr_1999@hotmail.com and thats my msn as well peace

  3. hey there, sorry i missed ur message!

  4. Hey man. Im in melb here, add me on msn if u wanna chat, est_199@hotmail.com

  5. Hey mate I'm in the Newtown area. How about you? I'm at uni and yeah it is a bit difficult to meet guys that are into this.. so yeah, was cool seeing your profile.

  6. Hey, I'm from Sydney. We should chat sometime

  7. heya there!

    thanks for the message, sorry it took so long to reply i hardly log on. my msn/email is danielb_au@msn.com if you'd like to chat. we are kinda close, canberra is not too far away. its hard finding similar boys anywhere!

  8. Hey Buddy,

    Im 24 in Canberra-

    Kind of close.

    Im not out whatsoever so its hard findin similar boys here in this little town.

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