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  1. hey dude. hit me up on aim sometime please. :-)

  2. sup dude? how have you been?

  3. sup dude im going to add you on aim.

  4. hey dude, i dont have msn, do u have yahoo or aim?

  5. really cute with your nice belly button and some curly hair so few leading me to your warm Paradise of Fun and delicious love juice! MSN ami.msn@live.ca

  6. love the pictures too, they are cute

  7. ahh thank you thank you. have aim or somethin?

  8. thanks! the rest are waiting to be approved... love yours too!

  9. lovin the main picture my friend ;]

  10. **** man love da pics can ya post up some pics or you can send them to finalfantasyguy@aol.com.au

  11. heyy! hit me up on AIM or yahoo.

  12. adibballboy

    Saggin n jackin

    i don't want my roommates to see my stained shorts so i keep them in a big suitcase -- amazing smell when i open it
  13. adibballboy

    What do you sleep in at night?

    i combine some under armour boxers / boxer briefs and bball shorts for a perfect way to spark some morning wood

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