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  1. Dude! Your pictures are so hot! I want your basketball shorts!

  2. sakrava

    basketball shorts

    i love the tent pole of this guys rod against the nike jordan shorts. i have a pair of these at home in the exact colour and style too! so hot to jack off in them ...
  3. hey there TJ! i just put a few more photos of my bball shorts for you! hope you enjoy them? cheers!

  4. got anymore updates for all of us your fans dude?

  5. hey there! do you have any pics you can post of yourself wearing the bbasketball shorts? i want to see some?

  6. thanks for the message! i really appreciate you browsing my photos especially the ones of me in the Khmer, Cambodian Pride! i wanted to do something totally different! feel free to leave comments as you please! i will take a few more photos of myself wearing basketball shorts later on down the track! enjoy and cheers!

  7. Ow man, you Khmer, Cambodian Pride album looks really hot!

  8. hey dude! i have uploaded more pics especially with me wearing the silky flag! hope you have fun enjoying the pics!

  9. hey dude you are pretty cute. you look like one of my Cambodian friends who plays basketball. i tried making out with him a few times but he turned me down since he was straight. you look so much like him. thanks for adding me as one of your friends. do you have any pics of yourself wearing bball shorts? if you do let me know?

  10. thanks for the pics. definitely had fun viewing them ;)

  11. hey Tanuki bro! i sent you some pictures via email of me wearing bball shorts for you! have fun browsing!

  12. hey dude! i upload some pics for you hope you can see them in a couple of days! enjoy the pictures

  13. hey! miss u! Hope ur doing alright!!! muwah!

  14. how ya been? long time no talk ;)

  15. thanks for the reply. i do have an email address that you can send your pictures too! my email address is chhay_chang@hotmail.com you can send it to that address and once i get your email i an send you mine too! i love that way you do things! so hot! mmm...


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