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  1. Heard you were in Vancouver. I'm in Tigard. Wanna meet in Portland OR Beaverton?

  2. saggerlover1079

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    Aye i got Skype. Pm me for the username. I'm up for some fun
  3. saggerlover1079

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

    I do below my ass as well
  4. saggerlover1079

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Flight of Apollo by Angels and Airwaves
  5. saggerlover1079

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    Im up for it, saggerlover is my kik, if i dont reply ill get back to you as soon as possible i work crazy hours. im 19 btw
  6. saggerlover1079

    Wedgie Fetish.

    Love them! both giving and receiving, if anyone wants to chat about wedgies please hit me up
  7. saggerlover1079

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

    i love wedgies, both giving and reciving. if anyone wants to chat about wedgies pm me or kik me
  8. saggerlover1079

    Does Anyone Here Wear Briefs?

    I sometimes wear them, love to see them on other guys.
  9. saggerlover1079

    What Kind Of Car Do You Drive

    hey all, im sure im not the only gear head on this site, so just out of my own curiousity what kind of car do you drive? i have a 1993 integra
  10. anyone wanna chat? if so hit me up ;)

  11. saggerlover1079

    Any guy bi or gay?

    18 Gay from usa

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