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  1. Wee :D gonna have fun with a bro on cam... wish he was here though :P

  2. So hard. So horny bros.... miss ya 😘

  3. I am so insanely horny :love: help me

    1. guest25


      I can help you bro if you want ;) 

    2. skateboydk


      I would love that ;) please... cause I am still horny as a mad dog

    3. guest25
  4. Yo bros... it is still 2016 here. Please take care out there sexy saggers. There are not too many of us, so we got to make sure, the population is constant ;) 

  5. Hard yeah sure. Consultants never get their fair share of the fame. Great pics my friend.
  6. Today's hard work over thanks to a really hot SW user, who provoked me to take a new series of pictures. Sadly I do not have his user name, but he is more than welcome to write thank you below, so I can attribute it properly to him.

  7. Yo sexy.... can one actually sag in anything but baggy pants... I am a fan too. Nice to see I am not alone bro ;)

  8. I am so horny... damn bros. Why so far away!:crying:

  9. Yoo saggers. I just got this awesome message, which went directly into my morning wood so now I'm entertaining myself. Where are you guys. 


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