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  1. SammyBoy123

    Hurra Torpedo

    Yeah that one guy in particular seems to wear his pants quite low in a lot of their performances. It's cool to me to see three guys so happy about showing off like this. Just imagine how much of each other's asses they've seen over the years lol
  2. SammyBoy123

    Hurra Torpedo

    Pretty silly band from Norway. All of the guys are usually freeballing and showing some crack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwVLTjT3RPI
  3. SammyBoy123

    Pornstars sagging

    I want the links
  4. SammyBoy123

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    Love when you show your pubes and the leg skin below your briefs! So hot
  5. SammyBoy123

    Olly Murs sagging mid-ass

    wow he is hot! thanks for sharing
  6. SammyBoy123

    Target Sagger

    yeah I've seen lots of saggers in Target too. This guy pulls it off well. Not too low but still really noticeable
  7. SammyBoy123

    sweet as

    hot tan lines
  8. SammyBoy123

    Sideless Shirt

    Does anyone else love seeing a guy in a cut off shirt? I love them because they sometimes combine my two favourite fetishes - sagging and armpits. If the sleeves are gut low enough you can see a dude's underwear showing through the side of his shirt!
  9. SammyBoy123


  10. I wanna cam tonight... someone skype me my name's jjohnnystevenss

  11. SammyBoy123

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    send me some! jjohnnystevenss@gmail.com
  12. SammyBoy123

    Ross Lynch

    He's got a pretty decent sag there! I might have even seen him pull down his pants a bit at one point!
  13. SammyBoy123

    "straight" Best Friend

    Thanks for the help. I'll try and talk with him soon.

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