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  1. Wear skinny jeans. The crotch won't hang as low and it won't be as obvious. I do that every day.
  2. Hey im in Houston alot u want to be my bottom sagger?

  3. Fried chicken! Fish tacos or shrimp tacos?
  4. Not at all! I love submissive saggers.
  5. Good for you! Keep it going! You only live once and life is what you make of it...
  6. That's really good advice. I've complimented a few guys on their sag (said their jeans look good on them, or similar) and they they replied with things like "oh, they're too big", "no they don't, they make me look like I have no ass", or they just pull them up with an embarrassed look on their face. Even complimenting guys on their undies when they're hanging out even backfires most of the time. Now, I just go with it and sag myself. Seems to work better.
  7. Mmmm! Yes! I love when that happens. 🙊
  8. Interesting perspective... I love a little peek of crack. If I'm sporting one, it always draws attention where someone will compliment me on it or put their finger there with a grin.
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