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  1. Hey SaggersRhot, I'd love if you could look. Size large would be fine too I've looked online for them and they are impossible to find. I've primarily switched over to boxerbriefs too but I still wear boxers here and there. Thanks!!!
  2. Hey guys. I know this is a long shot but do any of you have some of the super old vintage Abercrombie and Fitch boxers from the late 90s early 2000s that they want to part with size small or medium??? I came across a few pair in my collection and have started wearing them again and forgot how comfortable they are and would love more if they are out there. Thanks!!!!
  3. I know I've had this out there for a while and there hasn't been much on the topic, but for everything i'm looking for $100 plus shipping ( priority mail so no more than $25 for shipping). That comes out to about $2.10 a pair.....what a deal. Get the sexy underwear now!!!
  4. I'm 100% flexible on pricing. Whatever you feel is a fair price.....I don't have a 'set price' that i'm trying to get.
  5. Still have all of these...51 pair size small. I am willing to break them up if you're interested in some.......
  6. AEboxerluvr

    Underwear Survey

    They are size small AE boxerbriefs / 9" flex trunks that i'm trying to sell.
  7. AEboxerluvr

    Underwear Survey

    I wear American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch Boxers.......I have AE boxer briefs (ton's i'm trying to sell too) plus SAXX boxerbriefs which are amazing. Shield V boxer briefs are amazing too--expensive but amazing. I have well over 100 pair of AE boxers.........
  8. My bad for not listing a size. They are all size SMALL. I was a 31" waist and they fit great and stayed in place.....I've since gained quite a few pounds and need to upsize.
  9. So, I finally got around to counting and photographing all of these for you guys......there are total of 51 pair. I would prefer to sell it all to one individual if they are interested. Make me an offer.....please know I cannot fit them all into the priority mail large flat rate box....so shipping is going to cost probably $20...... Let me know what you think
  10. Hey Guys, I've grown out of the size small American Eagle Flex Trunks 9" that I have. I have to see how many I have, however, I have at least 30 pair........wondering if anybody has any interest in purchasing these from me.....they are in excellent condition...I just want them to go to a good home versus going to Goodwill or something similar. If there is interest, please let me know...I also am not going to set a price...but would hope somebody would be willing to give me a fair offer.
  11. AEboxerluvr

    Anyone into worn undies?

    I LOVE used boxers....especially AE......if you're interested in parting with some, HMU.
  12. AEboxerluvr

    Silky shorts fetish

    love the older soccer shorts - glanz type....the satin feel to them...and the older 'durasheen' basketball shorts. Have well over 50 pair of soccer shorts and basketball shorts....I do a lot of double sagging with my 300+ pair of AE Boxers / 9" compression shorts
  13. AEboxerluvr

    What are you wearing right now?

    Red plaid AE Boxers, UA sweatpants and an Adidas hoodie
  14. AEboxerluvr

    Diaper Fetish

    I’m into them too. Not into dirty diapers but yeah I sag wearing them.

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