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  1. Yo!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope to catch you soon!!

  2. come see and sag with me here http://tinychat.com/lowridersagger password is lowrider83


  3. Hey dude, love your posts and your style loose boxers are my favorite, really hot. You on kik? I'm NateMarquis, I love pantsings too, thats how I found you on here, never experienced one first hand though.

  4. Hot AEs sagging there man

    1. pantsing10


      thanks man, AE is my absolute favorite!

  5. pantsing10


    maybe if I could see a pic of who you actually are haha!
  6. pantsing10


    wow I love the plaid boxers! where's the pic from?
  7. pantsing10

    Silky shorts fetish

    Yup I got to agree with you guys--silky bball shorts are simply the best
  8. pantsing10

    Word Association Game

  9. pantsing10


    not a legit wrestler buy I often sag when I wrestle with my friends (who are also saggers)! haha
  10. pantsing10

    soccer players who love to sag!

    lol love sagging when play soccer and love sagging in shorts!! I love adidas too--wearing my training pants rn!
  11. pantsing10

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    BOXERSHORTS LOVER RIGHT HERE!!! I totally feel you, I don't get the hype with bbs, but I'm glad that in my area everyone here still loves boxer(short)s!

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