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  1. Any hot guys wanna send or sell me their AE boxer briefs (;?

  2. Would love to wear some of your guys hot undies, anyone want to sell me or send me some �

  3. Do they sell Pull-In, Freegun, and Bjorn Borg in the U.S.? I want these brands(:

  4. Your quite the hottie like all your pics

  5. I want to wear a hot guys used underwear (;

    1. udnytmig18
    2. udnytmig18


      u get wear ur own, cause ure a hottie! :D

    3. TombRaider008
  6. Got a new pair of superman boxer briefs (:

    1. bendover


      Let's have a look :P

  7. ShortyDude in plaid boxers shirtless just does it for me 😊
    1. shortydude


      Thank you glad you enjoy

  8. Add me on Snapchat, my username is Alicjah. c:

  9. Hmm, I have these short A&F swimming trunks.
  10. Hmm, it's been a while since I've been active, I think it's time to upload something new.

  11. So I ordered some new boxers from A&E, should I put up me sporting them when I get them or what? (:

  12. I'm sad for no reason, tsk tsk.

  13. Ouch, that hurts to see but I'm happy for you c:

    1. Guest


      What are you talking about ally lol

  14. You are the only exception <3

    1. Lee249


      Is that a quote from a famous song? Sounds like Avril Lavigne's lyrics but can't recall the title. thanks.

    2. Ally


      Yes, I was listening to "The Only Exception" by Paramore and was thinking about a certain person so I put this as my status (:

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