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  1. I love pissing my pants. My hottest piss experience was at Six Flags. I wore my ripped baggy jeans and a very long t-shirt. We went to the water ride. Already in the queue I let the piss go a bit. So I sit on the wet banch and was a nice feeling. After that, I went to the splash zone, so I got soaked. 20 min. later I had to pee very urgently, so got to the toilet, just sit on the seat with my pants still wet and pissed in my pants while seating. The long shirt was soaked at the end with piss. Was a hot feeling. So outside nobody noticed, as I was wet anyway. On each roller coaster seat,
  2. they delete my vid on youtube... here's the second...
  3. Hot! Here's my new piss vid. you like? Hope to see more of you guys!
  4. hot sagging! best view at the end of the vids!
  5. Hot saggers here: at 6:27, 9:55, 11:14 till 12:19
  6. sure, I love both, american football jerseys are great, also when wet, hot for swimming!
  7. OK, time to see the good things about olympia, sagging swiss at snowboard slopestyle...
  8. wet vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VXWH4Y8p-U
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcLTvF1tL-o more to come..
  10. A few nice saggers in the background, go to 10:00
  11. Hey, thanks for sharing. Of course it's very low, but also very hot sagging like this in public! I wished to sag lower as well... but a bit difficult here. Maybe end of June, I will travel to Copenhagen. I hope there are lots of saggers there! Please write if you are there end of June and want to sag and maybe get wet as well!
  12. Thanks, yeah, I love this cap. By the way, did you see my message on saggerworld.tv? What do you think? Would be nice to have a muddy session in Boston again, but it's too far for this year.
  13. Hey, thanks for posting my vid here. I tried to upload vids of the 2 first sessions (pissing and cuming on my shirt) on saggerworld.tv but I think the files are to big. So when I have time, I will edit and upload them.
  14. Hey, I love Humör Jeans, I have a few... what model is that? Do you know the name? They look very nice!
  15. Back home from my US journey! The wet and muddy time with Jace in Boston was so hot! And I got through the pix, as here it's snowing outside already... You want to see more? Should I post in my gallery?
  16. Hi Jace, what a great mud fun we had yesterday! Can't wait to see full size pics here. Thanks for the organisation and driving. Can highly recommend everyone to meet Jace when you are in Boston. He's amazing!
  17. hey, what dates? I think I will be in boston from 2nd to 4th september...
  18. hey jace, very nice spot, would love to get muddy there too when in boston
  19. sure, just let me know where and when
  20. hey, was looking for pix from the last party, really nice sag, and shirtless already...
  21. hey, where are your flickr pics? I really enjoyed them. Please come back and post great sagging pics!

  22. Hey CosmoBoy, this Humör baggys are so hot, where did you buy them? Internet? Please post some more pix!
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