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  1. As well as saggers one of my main fetishes is being given wedgies, especially if theyre being given by a cute sagger I also like getting wet and messy, either in mud or gunge.
  2. Wow where do i begin XD One of the main kinks i have is wedgies, i love seeing saggers being given wedgies and fantasise about being given wedgies by other saggers, soooo hot! in general i just like being humiliated and degraded and made to feel helpless (maybe even to the point where i start to cry from the humilliation) so there are quite a few other dom/sub fetishes im into, one of the main ones i really like as well is face sitting. Oh and as youve probably guessed i like boots and camo gear as well :-p Ill shut up now XD Id love to hear some of these stories ;-)
  3. I cant upload any photos, it just says internal server error :-(

  4. love the sagging and boots pics awesome!

  5. Hi there; dont suppose you could upload some more pics of you sagging low in your camos with the legs tucked into your army boots could you? I think that looks really hot :-)

  6. Awesome :-).

    Plus i love your baggy sagging pics.

  7. hey man, take some new pics. I sag my camo pants and wear army boots too.

  8. Otis


    Yeh i thought it was a pretty strange reason as well
  9. Just wondering; has anyone here ever been part of an orgy? What was it like? Did you enjoy it or was it too crowded? I've never been in one before but a friend has told me that he wouldnt recommend having sex with more than one person because it's so enjoyable that you'll never be as fully satisfied when having sex with one person ever again; do you agree with this?
  10. Whoa completely forgot about this, sorry. Unfortunately i dont have any pics of me wearin em.
  11. Either onto my chest when im alone or into my bfs mouth when he's with me........i also sometimes cum into my bfs dirty underwear when he leaves them at mine *blushes*. I wash em and he never knows hehehe
  12. ATM full time student studying Forensic Science, part time sagger lol. Hopefully waiting to hear back from a medical centre about being a test subject to earn some extra cash (LOL, money for being pumped full of potentially dangerous drugs XD). Apart from that just applying around for any part time jobs for when i go back to uni and looking at full time jobs for after uni.
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