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  1. Hey bru, awesome pics! I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  2. Anyone fancy meeting up in London? 

    1. Lukey


      yh I certainly do, even though I live in Norwich, UK. Do you have skype or facetime, snap chat or anything to keep in touch with too matey? I'm a young 20yr old sagger too!

  3. Some new pics up. Hope you like! 

  4. Sorry to everyone I've not spoken to in a while - had a really hectic few months. Will be back in touch! :)

  5. New set of pics up! Hope you like :)

  6. Topboy

    Remy Cabella

    Great news Flamey! Good work!
  7. Just wanted to say great pics mate. Looking hot in all of them!!

  8. Topboy

    Remy Cabella

    Thought I'd share this clip of the French midfielder Remy Cabella with his shorts down revealing some politically controversial underwear! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxl6yMVc4pc
  9. Sagging is more than a fashion style. It's a lifestyle.

  10. So confused about my sexuality right now

    1. socalhottie19


      No one need you to decide. It's your journey. you take your time to decide when you feel like

    2. Microburst


      need someone to talk it over with?

    3. SaggingNikk


      Same here, I know we have spoken before but I have some experience which may help, PM if you fancy a chat, take care

  11. Had girlfriends in the past but I think now is the time I wanna experiment with some guys. Got friends who may be interested but it's so tough to make the first move...

    1. BoxerBriefLove


      At least you have friend that might be interested! I'm in the same situation as you are, but I have no friends that may be interested. :/

    2. CosmoBoy


      You'd be surprised by how many guys actually are curious ! It's just a matter of when and how to show it / ask for it ...

    3. skatercub


      It's rough, but I've had a couple guys hook up with me to just dip their toes, so to speak. Hopefully it all works out for ya

  12. New pics next week... any suggestions??

    1. flameboard
    2. Topboy


      What underwear/trousers do you reckon?

  13. Happy new year everyone! Here's hoping that 2013 brings that special someone into my life! :)

    1. flameboard


      Happy New year mate! Hope you have a good one!

  14. Just got skype, looking for someone to try it out with... ;)

  15. Topboy

    New Trend?

    This sound really hot

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