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  1. Not sure, just easier that saying the full word.
  2. Oh damn why did he take so LONG 😂 That’s awesome though he seemed completely unaware. I’ve definitely had this happen before, that little climb up the stairs is deceptive.
  3. Yep - I’m also Ace! I tried straight and gay sexual experiences and found I just wasn’t interested. I think one of the biggest things an Ace person feels is the realization that most of the people around you want something you just don’t want, and will do things in their life/go places with the ultimate goal of sex in mind. The worst is when you’re with someone intimately and you can see in their eyes how much they want to do sexual things, to the point where they can’t even conceive that you’re not on the same page. Sagging or seeing guys sag has been the only thing I’ve ever
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