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  1. hey man nice sags, are you in australia? are you on insta? my insta is @worldsagger


    1. nzsag


      Hey I am in Australia ☺ I dont have insta though...

  2. nzsag

    Hygiene Survey

    I personally find the whole sweaty/dirty man thing very unattractive. I find clean guys a lot more of a turn on I seem to be in the minority with this view though? haha. I work/live in a 40+ degree climate and therfore shower twice a day and change clothes daily.
  3. guitar, drums, bass, bagpipes.... and just starting the banjo
  4. nzsag

    Sagging Logistics

    this is one of the funniest questions I've seen in this forum in a long time my answer - I have no idea.
  5. nzsag

    Question About Cars

    haha, I was convinced by friends once to reverse through so I was sitting on the correct side
  6. nzsag

    Question About Cars

    correct about the left hand drive cars from japan. I used to work for a company that assembled an american brand of truck (international) - was a challange to build them right hand drive!
  7. nzsag

    Question About Cars

    oh you haven't lived! I owned a left hand drive and a right hand drive vehicle at the same time once (does that make me "bi-steeringwheel"?)
  8. nzsag

    Question About Cars

    I recall reading a theory about this somewhere. Apparently back in the day (Romans or something I think??), people on horses stayed to the left of tracks due to most people being right handed - therefore could hold the reigns with the left and use a sword with the more dominant right hand toward oncoming "traffic" if need be. As for modern roads and vehicles, I'm not sure the reason for some countries to drive on the left and some on the right. I can only really speak for Australia and New Zealand when the first few decades of car imports in the early 1900's were predominantly English imports, i.e. already set up right hand drive (for left side of the road). Now with most imports being Japanese, and Japan also being right hand drive/left side of the road, it still seems logical. As for personal opinion, I have owned a left hand drive car, and (apart from sitting on the wrong side to everybody else on the road and having to yell across my passenger into the speaker in drive throughs) it didn't feel too awkward I guess. It's just it kinda makes sense sitting on the right hand side of your car as most people are right handed - I would have thought it would make sense to keep your dominant right hand on the wheel whilst your lefty is changing gears. Not to mention sight, as most people aim a gun or scope with the right eye due to it (and I am generalising here) being also more "dominant" it would seem that having that same right eye closest to the centre line of the road to look into oncoming traffic also makes sense. That's my personal opinion though
  9. hey, I'm assuming your from NZ too? :)

  10. now theres a sentence you don't here every day
  11. nzsag

    Sterotypes Of Where Your From

    Us New Zealanders shag sheep as well, apparently also everyone has featured in a Lord of the Rings film / or Xena episode, and we all play Rugby... Since moving to Australia, I apparently now shag kangaroos, wrestle sharks, and finish every sentence with the word "mate"
  12. nzsag

    If You Were In A Famous Band.....

    I play drums, guitar (both bass, electric and accoustic), piano, and working on the bagpipes at the moment. I recorded a song years ago that im trying fing where i stashed it, played all the instruments myself
  13. hey man, i like your profile pic :)

  14. hey cool pic, going to upload any more?

  15. nzsag

    Anybody into Cars?

    I had a mint Nissan 300zx up until just recently. Sold it and bought a Toyota Hilux surf (toyota 4runner depending where your from) which is more boring but more practical lol

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