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  1. hey! I think I should come back here! been lost from this site for so long!0871BEFF-C6F0-4839-8B99-99E5B27000EE.thumb.jpg.992352fecb1eb996e3c828aed686973e.jpg8C3105AC-1D1E-46BB-873D-8803FCE5127E.thumb.jpg.4d8d673b81a233a0f9bdf297087d3b41.jpg1B851511-98CF-4BD4-AC0D-8FF2CC54DDB7.thumb.jpg.2a4553d0ba552a51a2f88734b7a518d8.jpg

    1. Geemansagger
    2. secsagger999


      Same, i've been gone for a while too

    3. jayzod007


      Yes come back! You are so hot!

  2. antreylez


    no mames! de huevos esa foto!
  3. Your albums are brilliant! I really love how hot you are in those beige Levi's. They really suit you, mate!

  4. antreylez


    that curve!! nice!
  5. antreylez

    300 3643 01 500

    nice and colorful! great sag and cool boxers!
  6. antreylez

    Guys Pissing

    daaaaaaaamn!! those photos are awsome man!!
  7. I have a pair of white DCs i don't use anymore (you can see them in my pics), they're still my favorite ones but haven't used them in a while... they're US11, UK10, EUR45.
  8. i just uploaded new photos after quite a long time!

  9. espero poder poner nuevas fotos proximamente: ahora mismo estoy muy liado.

    y, en serio, quiero saber qué ejercicios haces para tener ese cuerpazo!

  10. hey qué onda! vi que eres de Ecuador! saludos desde México!! estamos en contacto!

  11. hey gracias por tus comentarios! :D cuándo subes más fotos? :P saludos!!

  12. Thanks for the comments and ur really hot too btw :D I love all ur albums :)

  13. hey there! thnx for the request!! great pics!! u r so hot! :D

  14. hey dude! thnx for the friend request! :D u could have commented all pics u wanted lol... i love reading those comments! :D greetings from Mexico


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