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  1. I wear pajamas. And I think pyjamas are cute
  2. I find it a lot easier if my undies are on show. Seriously though, just get on that board every day and practice practice practice. I always found that the more worried you are about getting hurt, the worse skater you are. You'll might well fall off and hurt yourself, but if you're too scared to you'll never learn!
  3. I love this so much! I find it hard to believe there are people who don't wear briefs!
  4. I find it hot when guys do this. But personally i'm a speedos boy Edit:typo!
  5. My bad! It was late at night haha. I'll go back and answer that
  6. So in the light of relationship equality breaking into the U.S. now as well, I thought it might be fun to introduce our other halves. Kind of to have a big post, celebrating relationships of all kinds! A quick quiz about your 'significant other'. Your name: Zak Your partner's name: Levi Describe him/her in one word: Fun What's you two's ideal date? Dinner, followed by a walk, holding hands on an autumn evening, all wrapped up and lit by the street lamps, then snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket His/her best physical feature?: that smooth, perfect butt, and a smile to die for! Any nicknam
  7. I think that's what they called being 'blessed'. Seriously though... If you're worried go see a doc.
  8. Man that's literally the only time I'm away. Otherwise I'd be right there!
  9. So tonight I did something pretty major... I went to see my boyfriend's (Levi) parents to ask if I could marry their son... He's the most amazing guy I've ever known and I wanna make him mine! The good news? They were super excited and said yes! Now... I'm totally out of my depth. Like, I get how straight engagements and proposals work... What's the deal now? Do I just buy a ring and we do stuff like we were straight? It's there a different etiquette with gay marriage? Any cute proposal ideas? Thanks!
  10. I went briefs and proud. He was a boxerbriefs guy (very tight) and said they looked hot on me. Which I guess is good! I told him he should try them and he wore my briefs for a whole day! I let him keep them but wish I had them after he'd worn them. That was all that happened but amazing!
  11. So I recently posted about going back to briefs full time and how happy I was with that. But now I'm faced with a dilemma. At the end of this week I go away on work and have to share a hotel room with this guy (who's cute btw!). But I'm a little worried about what he'll think of me wearing briefs, it'll be impossible for him not to notice! Do I buy some backup boxers or something??
  12. Wow! Thanks for sharing these
  13. By good support I mean that they don't droop under your balls but instead there's just enough fabric to hold them in place, without having so little it makes them feel like they're being stepped on all day.
  14. I mean like tight slip briefs, the ones which are figure hugging, supportive and not too droopy or old school. Only like 2 inches at the side max. I genuinely recommend it. I was so nervous wearing them in public at first but then realised that people don't actually see normally, and if they do, they don't care!
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