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  1. Uh.. I haven't bought new underwear for like ages. I only started doing so 1 month ago, now I'm reaping the harvests I guess. (Polo Ralph Lauren, Hanes & American Eagle & british plaid boxers). I don't know, I just buy whenever I want lol.. Because the brands I love aren't always in France. Other than that, if I used store brands, itd epends. Sometimes, it can be more than a year until I buy new underwear. This time, it'll be different now that I got money lmfao.
  2. tapout white/black shirt (oversized because I'm losing weight) uomo green/black boxer briefs (oversized as well) skinny jeans (oversized as well) they're litterally sliding down each time i move, wearing them without a belt right now. Because of me doing intermittent fasting, my body thins and my pants slide if I (don't) wear a belt or/and keep it loose. My mom literally said "keep your clothes until we send them back to your extended family lol" xD Can't waitt to go buy new clothes!
  3. I. Feel. You. I exactly have the same thing too! Whenever I sag or I see gay po*n, I am turned on. Its been ever since at the age of like 8 for me? Whenever I see one of my friends sagging, I can't help but stare at their butts. Decided to do it too, but I always get hard whenever I peek a look or think about it.. I am convinced that I'm bisexual but more on the gay side than the other... iloveallhumanbeings
  4. Eh. I've been around for a long time, perhaps since I was 13-14? I'm 16 now.
  5. Actually: @ 1:10 - 1:15 is the best part ^^
  6. Wearing my sixth june jeans, blue/white/violet stv boxerbriefs, light green t-shirt. I'm sagging right now ^^
  7. my navy-ish sweater, my red and black freegun, my liberto black jeans, my red t-shirt and a belt that lets me sag my pants. (I'm sagging right now :^))
  8. Will post new sagging pics later afteer I finish homework!

  9. WDF LMAO Y'ALL WITH 100+ PAIRS OF UNDERWEARS. I'm litteraly sitting here with 3 packs of 7 briefs (21 in total, bought from department store), less than 10 boxer briefs, no boxer shorts/boxers, and a speedo. No satin/silk boxershorts, no thongs. #ToughLifeOfAFrenchFry. I mean, I could get more but I don't have money(as in paypal etc, I only have 50€ but my mom has it for security) and my department store sucks. #VivaFrance But don't worry guys one day I will have over 200 pairs! Or I hope so... qWq.
  10. The time I started sagging was.. around 7 years old iirc. I got introduced to sagging by a classmate. We were on sport, the whole class was wearing jeans (I don't remember much but I know he and I were wearing jeans)and we were playing a game with the teacher. (the chasing game, like if I get you you go there and you don't move) And then, when it finished, I turn my head t o the left and I see him with his jean low and I could see his white underwear. I told myself "Hey, that's pretty cool! How about I do it too?" Then I lowered my pants, at the same depth(maybe a little more down) a
  11. Eh. I remember I had a surprising erection on Math class, like 3 years ago. Like I was sitting with a classmate (the chubby type) at the front, and I was listening to our teacher. And then I started thinking about saggers, because I've seen some quite alot around there, and I started erecting. I quite tried to hide it a little, and act as if nothing happened. Then there's that chubby guy that tells me "Hey now apparently you're having erections in class huh?" He even mentionned it outside. I was lowkey embarrased, but no one heard. I went like "what are you saying?", typical denial
  12. satin boxers ♥♥♥ I love seeing those on men, especially in sagging videos. Too bad there aren't any in France, or even in my department store. *I'd probably have so many pairs my mom would take half just to send to Haiti LOL*
  13. Here we go! Name: Jensen (dont laugh pls my mom & my sister actually struggled to get me a good name. And I love my name :^) quite a few have their name starting by Jensen....) Age : 15 (4/06 < date of birth) Height : ~1,75 cm? Around there. Weight : Don't know, our weight-calculating machine broke... AND NO ITS NOT MY FAULT XDDD Style : Hmm my clothing styles are quite big tbh. For school I usually wear fast (hoodies/t-shirt/pullover/jeans or joggings if I have sport that day and sneakers), and at home I wear trackies/joggings or jeans when I come back. It qu
  14. I prefer sagging above my c*ck, since to some people I know, sagging makes you look like a slob (even though 99% of my highschool's male-student sag, even my bestfriends..) but I think I wanna have some decency, and I use my c*ck as a pants-keeper so my pants doesn't go all the way down. But I don't mind, I'm going to try once.. soonTM Q: (don't blame me for this question, I'm curious.) If you happen to go somewhere you deem important (ex job or something), and you're very determined to sag with your favorite outfit: A: Will you hide your sag so people (including your boss) won't see
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