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  1. scottbluetooth

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    Im to crazy to pick one or the other.
  2. scottbluetooth

    Video Games

    fallout and skyrim are the best games I've ever played, also Zelda Dishonoured and san andreas.
  3. I hear that he has joined a bible study group, is that true? all so that he has been saying stuff about the illuminati satanic rituals in Hollywood? ps just pray the gay away
  4. scottbluetooth

    string theory

    Do you think we live in a holographic universe? yes like in the matrix but forget about the bath full of goo.
  5. scottbluetooth

    Funny / hot boxerbriefs

    oh that's what an eggplant is! why the hell do Americans call it that? I'm a Brit by the way
  6. scottbluetooth


    All I got was older men pestering me or younger men ignoring me, so I just deleted it in the end.
  7. scottbluetooth

    Searching silk boxershorts

    If primark soled silk boxers I could do, what about speedos they look silky and smooth?
  8. scottbluetooth

    Funny / hot boxerbriefs

    are these any good?
  9. scottbluetooth

    Let's learn about the homosexual

    beware! little jimmy is about to touch himself, never forget Jesus is watching!
  10. scottbluetooth

    Let's learn about the homosexual

    their are GAYs! hear
  11. scottbluetooth

    bending flexibility

    I would probably brake my back.
  12. scottbluetooth

    Has anyone seen a UFO?

    I've seen a black triangle, no lights no sound just cruised by my house and on another occasion white round object during the day.
  13. scottbluetooth

    Has anyone seen a UFO?

    HI, I've seen two UFOs so far just woundered if any one else has seen one?
  14. scottbluetooth



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