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  1. your albums are pretty hot tho too

  2. ngl extremely horny rn and these sags are making it worse 😂

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    2. IASagger789


      the photos on this website are so hot 

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    4. gssag


      That's true 😅 So many hot guys in sexy outfits here 😏

  3. Different jobs have different contexts. For me, I work at a doctor’s office so even on causal Fridays I can’t sag. The most I can do is like an inch below my waist and that’s rare. I also did an internship in corporate where I was able to get away with more of a sag every now and then. Grocery store you should be fine to comfortably sag. I would say sag an inch or two the first couple weeks then slowly work your way to your ideal sag. If someone says something, make it a joke and sag at a higher level. I’m sure you’ll be fine to sag at your job, just gotta scoop out the environment. Best of lu
  4. Where to begin but I’ll keep this short and elaborate as time goes by. I’m 21, in college and still am a virgin. Never had the chance to really date anyone nor explore my sexuality before until now. I’ve gained a lot more freedom and really want to lose my virginity now. I feel confident now to have sex with someone and really want to explore myself. My hormones have also been driving me insane. As soon as I see a hot girl or guy, my **** goes hard and even sometimes pre cum comes out. There have been times where I had to masturbate so many times in a row just to get myself to calm down. I jus
  5. I have a huge jeans fetish. I love all sorts of jeans and even how people sag them. Doesn’t matter girl or guy, if I see someone rocking their jeans the right way, I get turned on real fast. Would love to french kiss and grind in jeans someday. Probably will get me into euphoria. Lmao y’all can send some jeans photos to me and I can send mine 🤩
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