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  1. Yeah I do/enjoy it, really think that most here do Assume you keep wearing the boxers afterwards?
  2. Generally speaking, just message/DM guys you find interesting. Worst thing that can happen is that they will not reply. Just don't be shy. If an person is "fake", using common sense is enough to find it out most of the time. I also don't think that 34 is "old".
  3. Yeah, but please don't start with just messaging "Hi" and nothing else It's an start but not the best ^^
  4. Just came home for a week long holiday in Croatia. Spend most of the time at the beach swimming, SUP, chilling and sagging of course.
  5. Just the usual stuff, pissing my pants/sneaks or sometimes getting pissed on by an friend ^^ 😜😂
  6. Have you drawn him? I really like the art style
  7. Yeah that's true, especially there is not much on e6 that is sagger/sagging pants related 😋😎. There is lots of other *sagging* stuff tough 😅😜
  8. Probably not that common but the combo (we) exist 😅
  9. Took them some days ago Was getting ready to go skating/longboarding after I came home from work. Had already locked everything and was to lazy to go back in to piss I spend ~2h skating, stopped for an coffee and had some ice-cream. When I came back home I had to piss again
  10. Two saggers chilling together in pissed pants... Just looks hot 🔥😈😋
  11. I think pissing your pants while sagging can be really hot. But I also agree with @TheOther1 and @Pokemon that you shouldn't do it somewhere where other people have to cleanup the mess after you.
  12. I love sagging in wet clothes, sneaker (converse, vans, skater shoes in general) and pee 😅
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