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  1. While this guy is not a sagger, he is definitely hot as s***, but I want to know if any of you like the fit of his pants. Do any of you like to see guys in such tight pants that it leaves nothing to the imagination?
  2. Absolutely noting as I am preparing to shower.
  3. More like watching the “I Love Lucy” show. Its such a funny and great show
  4. What did you do to yourself @Lee249 if you can, and want, tell us?
  5. Keeping clean natural or artificial cleaners?
  6. I have never had the willingness to get piercings and I more than likely never will. I do think that guys who have gauged ears are really hot. I think the bigger gauges, 1/2 inch or more are hotter. Not a huge fan of septum piercings though.
  7. Yes @Lee249, we are set to get married September 16th, 2023. Location to be determined but it will be in my home of Denver, Colorado, USA.
  8. A little Timmy Trumpet, the man from down under.
  9. I was such a 90’s baby that hearing tunes from the 90’s brings back memories. A few good but the rest, not so good. The 80’s were a time of experimentation like the 60’s and 70’s. It was also the brith of the EDM sounds in the late 80’s along with modern hip hop
  10. Sunroof, to show off that sag to the truckers. Red or Black paint?
  11. Does exhibitionism also count for jerking off, because if so, I have at work a few times in the past. Its nice when you work in private or isolated areas, and it really helps to relieve stress. I have never been caught though.
  12. We are getting married September 16th, 2023 hopefully at the Denver Botanical Gardens or a really nice local hotel.
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