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  1. Fairly. It’s girthy and long enough for plenty of fun.
  2. I love to give a bj to my fiancé because of how he responds. And I like to make sure that all parts of his genitals are well serviced and given the proper attention.
  3. I really hate when your wearing pants at the “correct” height but your undies slide down and end up getting bunched up below your butt and crotch.
  4. Snowed a little last night at the mine. Cold at home in the city but it has slightly warmed up today
  5. You have a great support group here on the site. Stay strong!
  6. Summer. Lots more to do. Hiking or biking
  7. A little OneRepublic mixed with some songs from The Sidh
  8. Thank you. And I wish you luck!
  9. Yeah. A little over three years ago. I have never been happier with another person in my whole life.
  10. So, the day before Valentine’s Day, I @Admiralolsen proposed to my sagger boyfriend, @Blaze1224, for his hand in Marriage. He did say,”Yes” and we are now engaged. But I wondered, who else has met here on Saggerworld and made a real strong connection?
  11. Back rubs massage or facial?
  12. I would also like to know a good place to get drop crotch jeans!!
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