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  1. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Granite Light or dark
  2. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  3. Admiralolsen

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    My app is up to date and I am still seeing most of the content.
  4. When you are scoping out a significant other, what would be the preferred body size you would like on them. I prefer a guy who's defined or built or bodybuilder sized. I will take a guy who's sit substance to him though.
  5. As I have started a new job working at one of the major underground mines in Colorado, I wanted to know what's the coolest Job you have ever had or if you still have it. For example, my new job is working as a basic laborer in an underground ore mine which was my dream job as a kid.
  6. Admiralolsen

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    I talking like bodybuilder huge like Bruno Moraes or Roelly Winkler
  7. Admiralolsen

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    I think it's bs but I am still able to view the content with my account
  8. Admiralolsen

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Have not run across a strange fetish that I considered wierd. I have a fetish for guys with huge muscles and wanting to play with them.
  9. Admiralolsen

    My cousin is sagging lower than usual

    Keep going. More confidence not only in himself, but in his thoughts
  10. Admiralolsen

    Embarrassing Erections

    I have never had one either luckily or sadly. Which ever you feel.
  11. Admiralolsen

    Colorado or Nebraska/Kansas Saggers

    I was up near the SD NE border this past summer for a family vacation too bad I didn't know you then
  12. Admiralolsen

    How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

    Too many of he same color now, black. Need to swap some of the black one out with other, lighter colors
  13. Admiralolsen

    satin boxers

    Don't have any satin undies or clothes. Never could afford them and never found them a major turn on
  14. Admiralolsen

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Sunny but cold. Supposed to warm up later
  15. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Ceramic tile. Carpet or hardwood

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