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  1. Thank you. He was sagging and just pulled his c*** out and sucked him till he was hard. Then he had to walk around with tented undies.
  2. Admiralolsen

    Sagging Dares

    There is all kinds of sagging videos on YouTube but they are just hard to find with YouTube’s new algorithms
  3. Admiralolsen

    Do you dream about sagging?

    I would love to have a dream about sagging but don’t seem to ever have one.
  4. Admiralolsen

    How many fillings do you have?

    I barely brush and I barely take care of my teeth and three of them came in crooked as a kid but as and adult, I have no fillings, false teeth, and the crooked teeth naturally straightened themselves out.
  5. Admiralolsen

    Working out?

    I need to start going to the gym again. Or doing something because I have out on a few pounds since the start of this pandemic.
  6. Admiralolsen

    What do you work out in

    b-ball shorts and sometimes a tank top if I feel less self-conscious. Mostly a tshirt. If I’m really alone, I sag too.
  7. I gave a b****** to my bf in the glass fronted stairwell of a hotel in Richmond. It was really exciting and felt so exposed. Also dry humped him on a large boulder one night at the Grand Canyon. A few people went by and we manage to hide from them.
  8. Admiralolsen

    Sideless Shirt

    I love the look of sideless shirts but you have to have the right body for it.
  9. Admiralolsen

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Sunny and stupid hot. Cooler in the mountain where I work.
  10. Admiralolsen

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    Hidden Figures
  11. Admiralolsen

    What are you wearing right now?

    Lately it’s been black overalls sagged way low. I just fold up the bibs and place my belt under them to keep them where I Want.
  12. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Man muscular or skinny
  13. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  14. Admiralolsen

    Sagging Dares

    I agree that having matching color schemes is the best way to go as it makes for great flow.
  15. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Pie cut All pizza toppings or custom toppings

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