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  1. Admiralolsen

    need loosy big sneakers

    Osiris sneaks are great at being loose and hot for sagging
  2. Admiralolsen

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Cold, gray, cloudy, and attempting to snow but it's not Doing much here in Colorado
  3. Admiralolsen

    jeans with rips and holes

    Not a huge fan of preripped jeans but I enjoy when I have torn or ripped my pants and it shows that I have worn them a lot
  4. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  5. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Black jeans. Belt or show lace?
  6. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Hot dog Ketchup or mustard
  7. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  8. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  9. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Pumpkin pie. So good! banana or zucchini bread
  10. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

  11. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Chips, especially thick cut ones. Fish or Bangers(sausage)?
  12. Admiralolsen

    What are you wearing right now?

    Wearing some chain Sly undies, underarmour b-ball shorts, and drop crotch jeans with a mid ass sag. And just a gray work shirt
  13. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Duramax all the way truck or sedan
  14. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

    Wonka wash

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