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  1. I got myself some new carharts and they feel so comfy and baggy. Can’t help but do a beltless sag in them.
  2. I began around around 12-13 seeing saggers but I real didn’t start publicly sagging until college and then I went for full on double and low sags. Since then, I have been a sagger and its been so wonderful to be turning 30 and being able to sag alot and not being judged for it.
  3. Spring. Love the smell of the blooming flowers and the fresh green foliage. Rainy or Sunny weather?
  4. The steady hum of the refrigerator, computers, and fan in the dispatch office
  5. Bright blue skies and warm sunlight. Finally starting to look more like spring here in Colorado.
  6. Blue undies, blue b-ball shorts, my black baggy carharts, and a black, long sleeved shirt.
  7. Hang out party. My place is way too small for a sleepover. Long or short T-shirts?
  8. My general dreams are multiple random scenarios that some how get stitched together and simply don’t make sense. I had a dream the other night about this one kid that I knew in 2nd Grade and that he was stuck on a rock in the middle of a Class 5 rapid that was running through the basement of this 4 star hotel I was staying at with a guy that I know at work that I have no interest in but we were somehow dating. And the mine that I work at was right next door to the Hotel and the rapids were being created by the running water pumps. I was quite honestly glad to wake up and get out o
  9. Swimming. Swimming in a pool or swimming in a lake?
  10. I was hoping this thread would have been a little more popular.
  11. I really don’t get the sniffing thing so I am out on this one.
  12. I have seen the button up fly’s and the zip up fly’s here in the US but I prefer zippers as they seem stronger and the buttons won’t pop off if you walk to wide. 🤪
  13. I have never had a dream that involved sex or sleeping with someone or with money
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