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  1. Not my type and he is very awkward but he is ok looking
  2. I would never make up my intentions know to anyone but it’s nice to keep those things to yourself. Plus, I can chat with the few women at my work who also have similar crushes. Lol .
  3. I usually don’t sag at work as I am in territory that is relatively LGBTQ unfriendly. And sagging would count to our management as that. Hard to explain.
  4. It is. I have asked once if he is a sagger but it did not seem to click and I’m sure he is but I don’t think he is into sagging like most of here are.
  5. So I have an update on my work crush and this one is hot. And yes, while I am engaged, my fiancee is really interested in this too. Our ventilation fans have been down at the mine so we have been doing a lot of surface work or doing training. Monday this week, this guy came into work and he was wearing a long hoodie and some dark blue b-ball shorts and he was sagging from mid to below butt. I was sitting behind him for training for the week. A couple times, he raised his arms to stretch and I was able to catch a glimpse of his black undies and they were so tight, he had a very vi
  6. I understand completely. My fiancee is coming into town and my guy needs a rest.
  7. Answer the door keep it cool or have fun?
  8. About three months ago, we hired a mew guy at the mine who is a major sagger. He sags his pants in the mornings and he is always sagging below butt and with a coat that covers his sag all the time. I instantly had a crush on him and the other day, my crew was in training and I sat behind this guy and was able to watch his sag all day and I finally saw his undies. Turns out he had good choice in undies as he had on forest green ethika undies with his acid washed, light blue jeans and black strap belt. He is also extremely cute but its hard to talk to him due to my social awkwardness. 🙁
  9. Well this topic didn’t get quite the response I though it would. Lol
  10. Finally war and sunny after three days of heavy wet snow and cold weather.
  11. The amethyst wind chimes on my patio and the sprinklers in the garden going.
  12. Back to the main topic, I have had issues with all the social media sites doing censorship on anything. I sell gems, minerals, fossils and such and Facebook put me into FB jail saying my fossils necklace pendants were live animals that I was trying to sell. Here is a picture of the fossils they tagged me on. I have stopped using the marketplace and just advertise now.
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