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  1. I would have the “hardest” time resisting such a nice hot sag.
  2. Snowboarders are hot saggers. I went to college in a mountain town and the guys in the dorm would sag and it was such a great sight to see the guys sagging as they left.
  3. I prefer to allow my fiancée to cum in my mouth but I don’t eat it. We don’t have very sweet cum. I prefer to bust the load and then make my fiancé’s c*** all slick and wet.
  4. Now that I have moved, I have just sock and underwear in my undie drawer.
  5. I love to suck my fiancee’s c*** through the fly of his undies when he is sagging. Is easy and fun and allows a quick cover up if something goes south.
  6. I always love to see what @jace is up to. He always has the lowest sags and the kinkiest outfits. And the kinkiest times.
  7. To be perfectly honest, I have never had sex and it’s never been a turn on for me or a need in a relationship. I love being with my fiancée but sex has never been a need in the relationship. We have given each other b******* but we have never had penetration sex.
  8. Exposed waistband. small waistband or big waistband?
  9. One of the guys I work with wears his sideless shirt underground and we usually make fun of his shirt. He doesn’t have a visible build of any kind and we joke that he is trying to show off the guns. It doesn’t help that the guy is almost 6 foot 6 inches tall. (2m for you non American guys.)
  10. I sadly, would be choice A. Mostly because I am somewhat OCD and that would bother me.
  11. I recently had this same conversation with @ApisAries about a couple coworkers that sag at the mine. The first guy does welding in our bucket shop. He welds wear plates and fixes our front end loader buckets. He sags baggy black cargo pants always below ass but his shirt is long enough to cover his sag mostly. I have to walk past him in the locker room sometimes and that’s when I usually see his sag. He always wears underarmour undies and when he gets dressed back into his day clothes, he always sags his cargos or jeans mid to below ass. the other guy works in the tire shop and
  12. I collect Native American pottery, geodes, rocks and minerals, and legos.
  13. I love your V.I.N.CENT, BOB, toy and Xenomorph. Disney’s “The Black Hole” is such and underrated and forgotten film and the Xenomorph was an incredible creation.
  14. My fiancée got me a pair of board shorts that I can’t wait to sag in and go swimming with him one day.
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