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  1. Admiralolsen

    How Frequently Do You Jack Off

    I enjoy jacking off. It’s a great stress reliever and I enjoy the feeling of my cum shooting out and getting all over the place. Sometimes, I can get 3 or more jacking sessions in a day.
  2. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Black socks. Blue or black jeans?
  3. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game

    Naughty words
  4. Admiralolsen

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    Yes they are. I prefer compression shorts over anything
  5. Admiralolsen

    What are you wearing right now?

    Very hot man. Nice semi bulge there
  6. Admiralolsen

    What are you wearing right now?

    My sleeping stuff, gym shorts, undies, and a sleeveless shirt.
  7. Admiralolsen

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Getting closer by the day. Decent temperature tomorrow but cold, near freezing, by Thursday
  8. Admiralolsen

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    I prefer tight fitting athletic boxer briefs with a long inseam. 9” inseams or more.
  9. Admiralolsen

    A Or B?

    Deep dish. All meat or all veggie
  10. Admiralolsen

    Super low sagging

    On a similar topic, what’s the lowest you have gone while sagging? I have sagged a multisag to just below my knees. Was the best feeling
  11. Admiralolsen

    How are y'all?

    In a great spot In my life for once. I have the following: a stable and exciting job in the field that I wanted to be in a hot and sexy boyfriend who I love greatly and whom loves me back with as much strength. Stable finances and just starting my new business. Life is really good
  12. Admiralolsen


    My next door neighbor was showing one when he was freeballing in his sweats the other morning. I also saw his c*** which was so hot along with his wedgie.
  13. Admiralolsen

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Gabriel Iglesias’s newest comedy bits.
  14. Admiralolsen

    I shouldn't

    Don’t let people take you down. I have been down that path for so long, it took me forever to find a way off that path and onto the better one.
  15. Admiralolsen

    Word Association Game


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