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  1. I am right there with you. Goldbond medicated does the best for me but it does not stop the sweat. It does keep the chaffing down though.
  2. All depends on the type of clothes. Professional dress, no sagging, but jeans or shorts and it’s an environment where most don’t care, then yes sagging.
  3. I have lots of flat bills. They have immense style potentials
  4. Trumpet bagpipes or flute?
  5. Fairly. It’s girthy and long enough for plenty of fun.
  6. I love to give a bj to my fiancé because of how he responds. And I like to make sure that all parts of his genitals are well serviced and given the proper attention.
  7. I really hate when your wearing pants at the “correct” height but your undies slide down and end up getting bunched up below your butt and crotch.
  8. Snowed a little last night at the mine. Cold at home in the city but it has slightly warmed up today
  9. You have a great support group here on the site. Stay strong!
  10. Summer. Lots more to do. Hiking or biking
  11. A little OneRepublic mixed with some songs from The Sidh
  12. Thank you. And I wish you luck!
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