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  1. xXTenshiXx

    BB with Jeans and Belt (Without Shirt)

    Thanks dude
  2. xXTenshiXx

    Black and white BB with jeans and belt

    Thanks guys haha
  3. xXTenshiXx

    Boxer Brief with Jeans and Belt (Recent*)

    Me Sagging with my BB and Jeans with Belt. Enjoy~!
  4. xXTenshiXx

    Boxer Briefs (New*)

    Me Sagging in my new Boxer Briefs. Enjoy! Lol
  5. xXTenshiXx

    Looking for a boyfriend or close friend

    Hello, I’m new here. We can talk about sagging or anything really. Nice to meet you bro 👍🏻
  6. xXTenshiXx

    What are you wearing right now?

    Black Galaxy T-shirt, with a pair of blue jeans. Blue White Boxers. With Black and white Nike’s
  7. Just posted Some Sags, Check them out! :)

  8. xXTenshiXx

    Boxer Briefs (New*)

    Me wearing my new Boxer Briefs. Enjoy! Lol
  9. xXTenshiXx

    Boxer briefs (new)


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