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  1. The video is great ! The story doesn't really matter as long as the sight and the sag are quite good ! If there's a next part, I would suggest adding some leg cuffs (and maybe even a chain between both ) so the sagger doesn't walk that fast. That would also make it harder to keep its pants up Some different positions (sitting, climbing stairs, etc) might be nice too! A kinkier version might involve a collar and a leash and the sagger being taken for a walk Still, of one the best sag video I saw recently!
  2. As said before, I also think there are more straight saggers than gays. But, when coming on Saggerworld and seeing all those sagging pics and comments, one can be biased as thinking the opposite regarding the high number of gays/bi in SW community. The truth is that gays/bi are also obviously more interested in browsing guys butt pictures and therefore visiting this website
  3. What do you mean "stay clear" ? Like you don't do it for a few weeks ? Don't you feel sexual pressure building up ? I can't imagine avoiding jacking off more than one week in a row, which would already be quite something for me :S
  4. New pics coming soon !

  5. My roommate left today for 2 weeks. Time for some sagging in the shower :)

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    2. graffie34


      yes take some pics for us to stare at lol

    3. wetboxers


      Don't stay dry too long

    4. wetboxers


      Don't stay dry too long

  6. hey thank you very much!!

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