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    i will do anything for a wild partner or some cash
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    sk8ing, skiing, football, lacrosse, surfing, and snowboarding
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    buser at " the bistro at marshdale"

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  1. i usually wear shox

    do you wanna trade

  2. heyyyyy!!! hows it goin??

  3. ill show mine /touch yours for 100 dollars

    1. jonquestor


      who pays who on this deal?

  4. omg. that wouldn't b just terrible

  5. sorry dudes i dont think i can sag without boxers.

    my jeans are too loose theyd fall down low and youd see my boner

    1. jonquestor


      and what would be wrong with that?

  6. hell yeah dude ill sag wit you! maybe more if you want...;)

  7. What about no undies at all (and than a little higher of course)?

  8. hey guys any tips on what i should sag next?

  9. wish i lived in CO again - damned sure better n OH-hell. conifer aint bad.

    dude! u outta post some pics in a profile album!

  10. hey bro, you seem to have some nice saggin pics! Post it!

  11. what up bro.. hellz ya im down to kick it... my phones busted until payday so hit me up on yahoo...gdren420

    peace out..

  12. hey dude im in colorado if you ever wanna hook up

  13. sk8rboyCO


    you are a ******* sexy beast
  14. sk8rboyCO


    nice sk8 shoes dude do you ever stick your **** in them?
  15. sk8rboyCO

    awesome kicks

    i would totally lick cum out of your shoes

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