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    Hello There! & Welcome To my marvelous amazing profile page! My name is Peter, & I have been on SaggerWorld for about 5 Years now, I have seen TONS of Changes here and there and am enjoying my time here. I Am also a professional computer-programmer,Web Developer & can do some other " Magical " Things on computers to! I LOVE Technology! I Also Like Sagging and music! :)
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    Computers, Computer-programming, Website-Development, Website-Security Music, Sagging, GFX-Design
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    Professional Website Security Tester & Web Developer
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    I don't like labels

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  1. Some cool Graphics Design I did this week :)

    epic anon pic 6.jpg

  2. Hey Everyone, I'm Baaack! ;)

    1. thecoolkidtyler


      @skatenude  @flameboard


      I'm Back! :) haahahahaaha! I love SaggerWorld! :)

    2. thecoolkidtyler


      It Feels good to be back to this awesome community!

  3. Man, I am mostly Really busy talking to the awesome community of SaggerWorld! :D



    very busy on SW.png

  4. One of my OLD OOOOLD Selfies! 


  5. I'm Sitting here Watching TV Sagging low in green AE Boxers talking in the main chat room having a great time! :)




  6. Coding , Working Hard! :)


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