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  1. Oh, I see. Sure, I guess that could happen. Do you jerk off to them later?
  2. That is a bit of a twist. I mean, how do you interview to make sure they are good husbands and fathers? And then you sleep with them? Does that make them not anymore? So is it a one time deal?
  3. 2 years ago? Sniff, Sniff. Jerking self can definitely satisfy, but can be kinda empty after you bust a nut? If you find the right hottie and vibe is right, sagger sex can be way better. Should always be on the prowl for the ultimate experience
  4. Never had a satisfying blow job in your life? Sniff. You must be travelling in the wrong circles. You should try edging, will make the play extend
  5. checking them with a couple my local sagger mud bros
  6. That definitely checks lots of boxes
  7. Agree. couldn't have said it better
  8. Have all I want. Happiness. Years of tinkering to figure it all out, but the Journey has been nothing less than amazebot. Long term bf's who love, lots of action on the side. Self employment with flexible free time, a huge curiosity and more than enough of everything. Social media plays a role, but, lots of phantoms, fakes and ridiculousness. Shut it off, go out and physically meet. Carve your own road and shoot your spunk often
  9. Huge Jeans fetish here. baggy, skinny, sagging, wet, muddy all good. Got into a bit of a situation recent. Had passed out on the floor and my bro came in wasted. Hosed me and Baggys down good. Woke me up
  10. I would add some more pix on saggerworld, then hit up any hott saggers you are attracted to. plan a meet then go for it. Or who knows maybe you will get an invite to saggerparty. You will learn about birds and bees real quick
  11. need to stop the chat and just do. who likes shootin a load on a hott sag?
  12. How come you don't post new pics anymore?

    1. jace


      Jace is jus busy AF.    A lot been going,   Found a hott wet 18 YO sagger who lives just around the block.  Will be getting busy wit him in a minute.  Just got lots of bf's juggling atm

    2. jace


      Let me see what I gots





  13. Luv wet saggers, you should post some pix. would be hott to see
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