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  1. How come you don't post new pics anymore?

    1. jace


      Jace is jus busy AF.    A lot been going,   Found a hott wet 18 YO sagger who lives just around the block.  Will be getting busy wit him in a minute.  Just got lots of bf's juggling atm

    2. jace


      Let me see what I gots





  2. It a ghetto thing, might not get unless you from the city. grew up in the south bronx, we all double sagged and wore bballs for after school we would go to the park, sag nd play basketball
  3. was out double saggin wit my homee other day
  4. Luv wet saggers, you should post some pix. would be hott to see
  5. Your parities make me hard fella as your sags do x





  6. gets me hard thinkin on that
  7. I have come across some 1 in I think germany and one in Colorado.
  8. Looking for someone with graphic arts skills to trick out a new baggysagging website. Anyone in here have that skill set? LMK, Jace
  9. Giving a blow job to a guy is a really "normal" gay sexual act. I would go out on a limb here and say the majority of gay guys are super diverse in their sexual kinks and fetishes. I do not bother with guys that are not into fetishes. Get naked and lets have hot sweaty gay sex, Pretty much a yawn for me. Gotta be sagging to get me going! Wet and Muddy even better. I am gay
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