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  1. If that pic gets you hard, wonder what the vid would do?
  2. Oh! That my hott little boy. He is almost a virgin. Cept for me
  3. Just tryin to catch up and get with you theswede92💦💦🔥
  4. Thinkin I might need to add here. Been lots of wet sagger play happening.
  5. Thanx Yo! My boy picked that one out for me. Got him totally horned up
  6. Shiny baggy Fubu or South Pole Sagged low with bball shorts under
  7. Parliament house, was the place. Sagger Party would go for the foam parties and always jump in the pool. wet sagging pretty much required
  8. Got myself into a little bit of a situation later that night. Was on break from round 1 of sagger sex. We went out to the packie to get some more alcohol, Came back and my boy steals the handcuffs I use to restrain him when he is out control. Next thing i know, i am locked up and he the boss! F***k! Jace used to bein on top, But, wow, I kinda liked it. Specially when he spit in my face, rimmed me and sucked me off good. idk, maybe I need an onlyfans?
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