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  1. jace

    younger with older

    definite a possible, send me some mo of those hott wet sagging pix
  2. jace

    younger with older

    my boys luv chillin wit their Daddy. Have lost track of how many younger and they keep cumming
  3. jace

    Wet sagging

    Guy is good, video is going to go viral. Too bad he is straight. He is a hottie
  4. jace

    Shopping In The Boy's Department

    work construction and been getting lean. small bb's are now to big. Maybe need to go for boys. My sagger bf already has to shop in boys dept
  5. might not be available international. soo never mind. I think paypal owns it.
  6. Lots of peeps use Venmo, so you might want to consider making it easy for those peeps to send
  7. jace

    What will happen when I'm 18?

    You will be 1 year closer to the possibly of sagger party
  8. jace

    Goodbye Wackywet?

    sux, thats been around a long time
  9. jace


    You can do no wrong
  10. jace


    Yo, u soo sexy
  11. jace


    cant get enuff or your hottness
  12. jace


    F**k Yo! You is on Fire
  13. jace

    Sagger Party 2019

    Party waz off da hook!
  14. jace


    second dat thot
  15. there was a thread here, saggers hangin out, cant seem to find. Lots of pix of my hott saggin bros and me playin. Anyone know where it went?

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