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  1. jace

    Extreme Triple Sag

    Crossin the line
  2. jace

    Extreme Triple Sag

    Me and some of my sagger bros might cross that line
  3. jace

    Dating women with children

    All good he doesnt barge in when you are doing the nasty. Personally, pussy is hard to stomach. I wouldn't mind if he barged in with a joint and to show off his hott sag. Would help keep it hard so I could get to the finish
  4. jace

    Dating women with children

    Good to hear you is accepted into the family, sounds like some stong bonds
  5. About a week. I broke up wit my bf, needed a break. Was looking to hook up with a couple saggers during the week, but couldn't make it work. Ended up jerkin off a lot. Doubled up on pounding my boys hott little azz when we got back.
  6. 8 hours. Usually rub one off every couple hours
  7. jace


    you should and get back to us with some pix. then wear jeans next
  8. jace

    co-workers that sag

    Sneak some pix next time you is workin?
  9. jace

    Filming content??

    it will deffo be a Jizz fest with your hottness in gear all soaked.
  10. jace

    Filming content??

    I want you soo bad theswede92. When you visit i will be hard all weekend, you sagging in wet white undies, wrestling in mud
  11. jace

    Freeball Sagging

    xtube, but sure that has already been viewed. Did it a bunch of years ago
  12. nah man no clue

  13. jace

    Freeball Sagging

    that hottie made a bunch of similar vids. anyone know if he has made any recent?
  14. jace

    Filming content??

    You boys should play together😛
  15. jace

    Filming content??

    nice, get totally covered!

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