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  1. I borrowed the hottie, @spsagger91 's bb's and DC sneaks for the day during one of our parties. I was chillin by the pool Went swimming in pool and jizzed in them good. Got me so turnt
  2. True Dat. He love piss play. Whatever Daddy wants he gets
  3. Hella Hott Yo! I need to come hose you down
  4. HAF! Las weekend, went out clubbin in my saggin baggys. Came back to my crib. Had to piss sooo bad. Then This
  5. Well, Orlando was hot and sticky as I expected. The 4th had a wonderous rainstorm at SeaWorld. I was geared out in my JNCO gear. Wish you were there. Those Florida thunderstorms...a great downpouring shower fully clothed. I only hoped one of the 10,000 people in the park that day captured me on their cellphone walking fully clothed in JNCO gear in the ankle deep puddles.

    I've searched since I've got back on YouBoob...nobody has posted that wild thunderstorm yet.

    Still looking for myself....

  6. Yo if u ever in ny hmu

  7. Hey mate Jace I would like to know if u and your roommates gonna host the each year saggers party in September as u did last year in September as my birthday 🎂 To be honest with you I really enjoy all the pictures 📷 you took for the last saggers party they sagg so low as f*** lots of s** going too in the room 😊 keep me update please take care have a great day Jace 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Nice to know @jacewould my ass be worthy for you party? Lol. Always been intrigued. I love seeing the pics. 

    3. Emohotboy


      @jace I know you host your annual sagging party from September 11th to 13th would like so badly that u took pictures please so you can send me mate so I can enjoy watch it enjoy your annual sagging party 

    4. jace


      Will see what I can do!  so much hott boy on boy and boy on man action going all the time at sagger house, Sure we will have lots to report 

  8. Idk I have trouble fitting my c**k in. Lowrise the cup in front is usually too tight
  9. for realz! Trying to get our hott international saggers to the annual sagger party. Party Kicks off June 3! Sux all these lock back downs and delays. Wont be the same if we cant get get all our party peeps in
  10. "On the Asexuality.org under Arousal, I think this line explains it the best "Because we don’t have an intrinsic need for sex, asexual people generally do not see a lack of sexual arousal as a problem to be corrected, and if they do have a libido or experience arousal, they do not feel needs are unmet by a lack of sexual activity." The definition of sex Is important here. If you boil it down to strictly the end result being intercourse which I think Aesexuality.org has done, I can get total pleasure by playing around in baggy sagging gear with another sagger and just jerking off. Feels
  11. This is good. I think that sexuality and fetishes in a person are continually evolving. As you experience more you are open to new things that get you off. Dlmikki, can you maybe explain to us what things get you hard and get you off? Pix, vids, playtoys? I am turned on by saggers and getting wet and muddy in sagging gear with another sagger. By myself works too and watching vids of past experiences. Also Making out, 69 with another sagger and ******* a sagger. When I see a hot guy on the street, I will notice, but not a huge interest in getting busy with him. Ju
  12. Coo, who else in here into it? Got a hott vid of my boy pissin on our baggy saggin gear.
  13. Coo! and Congrats Yo! I met my sagger bf I think on here over 11 years ago. He had been nutting to my youtube vids for a few years before. Cant bring myself to getting married atm, since we live 3 hours apart and I have a live in bf. not sure how that would fly. Plus I like to chill with random Saggers and throw sagger parties. Marriage to 1 would be hard.
  14. another day in the park + twinksagger
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