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  1. I 'd say da lowest is just under ur butt and bulge, no legs visible. That low is my favo and I walk a bit like a duck that's hot while smoking
  2. nice low sag bro

  3. I always sag extremely low wherever, whenever and don’t give a F**** wiv what boy I date wiv. Da girls is not my stuff
  4. Sagging below ass and **** is da ******* hottest thing to do bro, while chain smoking of crs

  5. under da butt and under da ****, thats da real sagging bros

  6. ******* hot blog bro

    1. Emohotboy


      Omg yes please, what is your account on youtube? 

  7. da skinnier da better bro, like counting ribs while sagging. ******* nice pics

  8. I had one at school, and my friends found that hot. But I got bored and now I’ve my septum pierced and my lips. ******* nice
  9. Hi bros do ya like da piss in ur sagg... I do while smoking!!


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    2. Filthysagger
    3. MGSag


       I guess l’ll have to try it haha

    4. Filthysagger


      Ys u should do that in public of course … I do that often coz it makes me extremely hard and me boner cums in me wet pants… people watching is da hottest feeling in da ******* world

  10. Let’s smoke some 420 stuff together

  11. Me too. I always sag handsdown in crowded places and I piss weherever da fukk I want. Once da police nearly got me but I mixed among da crowd and he lost me haha
  12. I als like pissing in my boxer and trackies while sagging. Da piss drips into my AF1’s and I never cleam zem, so they stink like hell. But that’ nice and my bros and I get hard
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