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  1. saghartt

    Fly buttons vs zipper

    I prefer buttons too, particularly if they're visible. Besides, they're much more fun to undo
  2. Damn, dude. I absolutely LOVE your sags. :)

    1. saghartt


      Thanks mate!!! Keep it low!

  3. Dude, i love your sags! That Freegun & Humor album is omg fantastic. You have a hot bod too :) 

    1. saghartt


      Thanks hottie, more to come!

  4. saghartt

    Belt Recommendations

    UK has the best version of Amazon in Europe, just visit www.amazon.co.uk, type "canvas belt" and choose. No spam intended.
  5. I think I'll never buy CKs again lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. saghartt


      I was joking. I've managed to avoid Bieber's music so far, he can't do any harm.

    3. Sagonmyface
    4. Paul91


      I have to admit, I didn't like Bieber for the longest time either xD

      Until a song or two showed me he maybe actually can sing lmao. He's still a ****** though, a cute ****** :P

  6. saghartt

    Hat angles

    Same as Torsion. I'm a thug and damn proud of it lol
  7. saghartt

    Is no one 100% straight here?

    Well, I'm mostly into girls, but I don't mind having some fun with a hot sagger like wetwetwetnl
  8. saghartt

    Underwear Size

    Medium too
  9. saghartt

    Help On A Subject

    I've been thinking on buying one too XD It's basically this thing: You just put your dong in and then out, you know how it works ;p They're not the cheapest stuff to buy (apparently lube is a must), but it may be worth a try. The ass one must feel nice and tight
  10. saghartt

    Saggerworld 2014 Calendar - Sold Out!

    Did my pic make it? I'd love to see it
  11. My fifth video is already available at saggerworld.tv. I'm quite proud of this one, hope you all enjoy it!

  12. saghartt

    Do You Play An Instrument?

    Drums for me. I'm not an expert, but I can play them decently
  13. saghartt

    New Pull-in Range

    I've been thinking of buying a pair for some time. As you said, the price point is quite high, so I'd expect them to be at least as good as Aussies. Love the ones with skateboards and the big waistband.

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