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  1. da skinnier da better bro, like counting ribs while sagging. ******* nice pics

  2. Bro you got some of the dopest sags around and your fine asf too 

  3. I prefer buttons too, particularly if they're visible. Besides, they're much more fun to undo
  4. Damn, dude. I absolutely LOVE your sags. :)

    1. saghartt


      Thanks mate!!! Keep it low!

  5. Hey Hot Stuff! :)  :lick: 

    1. saghartt


      Thanks mate!

  6. Dude, i love your sags! That Freegun & Humor album is omg fantastic. You have a hot bod too :) 

    1. saghartt


      Thanks hottie, more to come!

  7. UK has the best version of Amazon in Europe, just visit www.amazon.co.uk, type "canvas belt" and choose. No spam intended.
  8. I think I'll never buy CKs again lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. saghartt


      I was joking. I've managed to avoid Bieber's music so far, he can't do any harm.

    3. Sagonmyface


      You are so cute :)

    4. Paul91


      I have to admit, I didn't like Bieber for the longest time either xD

      Until a song or two showed me he maybe actually can sing lmao. He's still a ****** though, a cute ****** :P

  9. Same as Torsion. I'm a thug and damn proud of it lol
  10. Well, I'm mostly into girls, but I don't mind having some fun with a hot sagger like wetwetwetnl
  11. I've been thinking on buying one too XD It's basically this thing: You just put your dong in and then out, you know how it works ;p They're not the cheapest stuff to buy (apparently lube is a must), but it may be worth a try. The ass one must feel nice and tight
  12. My fifth video is already available at saggerworld.tv. I'm quite proud of this one, hope you all enjoy it!

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