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    baggy jeans as big as possible, oversized to the extreme, unlimited. I also love to get wet.

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  1. Noice sagg, got a MSN? we could talk.

  2. Phat_Baggys

    5XL Bball Shorts and 4XL shirt

    not. ^^
  3. hey, meine baggies haben größe 36.

  4. Hey Dude :D

    Just wanted to say nice pics as I was passing!

    Where abouts are you from?

  5. Welche Groessen haben deine Baggys so?

  6. Please! Make some more pics!!!!!!

  7. hey man do you ever use your msn? if u like, add me hiphopdude69@hotmail.com. I'm trying to talk to you right now :)

  8. I think you're fab!!!

  9. Phat_Baggys

    Where coluld I buy 5-7XL bball shorts?

    5xl and bigger sounds great! You should try it. I would like to get some BBshorts like this by myself. So: can anybody answer this question now, instead of grumbling around... "Do you know any sites where we can buy really large bball-shorts?"
  10. I just posted some pics of me saggin in some black bball shorts and i think i'm gonna post some more soon

  11. sup dude? how have you been man??


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