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  1. Loved it! I think it was more funny than cringeworthy. Great to have a bit of a story as well ... overall a great video!
  2. Summertime ... the perfect time for a flamey in boardshorts album! ;-)
  3. My 2 favourites would be skinny jeans with sideless shirt or rufskin pants with wifebeater. They both look very hot!
  4. Amazing album Ma5t3rd10O0O! I love the double layer of vest and tshirt and how the black shows through the red as it gets soaked. We definitely need many more wet albums like this.
  5. I used to wear boxers all the time a few years ago, but I've switched to boxer briefs pretty much full time now. It's just to hard to find nice looking boxers anymore ... I don't want old man patterns LOL. Boxer briefs are comfortable and there's a good range of designs both cheap and more expensive.
  6. Hot video Flamey! I love those humor jeans on you ... they look amazing.
  7. Great video Nick ... and of course vstyle, wetwetwetnl and Brandon! Looking forward to seeing the rest to!!
  8. Wow! Amazing vid! With the summer coming up, maybe some sw members can do a remake?
  9. OMG you're kidding! Who wouldn't want to see it?!!?
  10. I got some to! Does anybody else find the little tag on the bottom of the left leg a bit irritating? any tips to deal with it or am i just being a girl?
  11. Just in time for the January sales hopefully!
  12. What do you guys think of my battleships album? Anybody want to play a game sometime?

    1. manniberlin
    2. Guntz


      I would, If I could.

    3. TimLucas


      The album is freakin' hot!

  13. OMG I remember Billy Kennedy! Yeah, I have to admit having a bit of a crush on him myself
  14. Oh man your such a tease ... but i love it!
  15. I think we need photos to see if Digitalplus is correct
  16. liam

    A Or B?

    Fat skateshoes. Tshirt or polo?
  17. They look great. I say defo keep them!
  18. Nice rekhel1! I see more colours - can we look forward to orange day and green day albums soon?
  19. Love those pics mr! you look hot in the shower
  20. Skater guys, skate shoes, baggy jeans, skinnies, watching guys sagging skinny jeans, .... I get turned on getting wet or seeing other guys getting wet in there clothes. and I dont mind getting a bit messy sometimes either
  21. I've just added some photos of my latest wet sag in the shower: http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/album/2827-/ Let me know what you think guys!
  22. oh Lee you tease me with visions of you soaking wet!
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