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    36 years old, from Germany, used to live in Canada. Now back in Germany. Hope to meet some nice guys to chat or hang around with and maybe more...
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    swimming (fully clothed ^^ )
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  1. TimLucas

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    Awesome! Pretty hot wet sagging vid!
  2. TimLucas

    Getting Wet

    Is this thread dead???
  3. TimLucas

    Getting Wet

    Hey, it's been a while since the last post in this thread, eh. Let's keep this up, guys. I just uploaded a new wet album. Check out "wet_03" in my gallery and enjoy.
  4. I just uploaded a new wet album. Check out "wet_03" in my gallery and enjoy ;-)

  5. TimLucas

    Getting Wet

    Would love to see more stuff like this!
  6. TimLucas

    Getting Wet

    One of the hottest wet clothes videos ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk5U_YcilKo
  7. One of the hottest wet clothes videos ever:

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    2. TimLucas


      good idea. Let me know if you do so. :)

    3. flameboard


      Hmm still works for me fine ??

    4. TimLucas


      You mean shortydude's wet video? What's the URL?

  8. Just edited some new wet pictures. Bad(?) idea cuz now I'm f**king hard... ;)

    1. flameboard
    2. CaptainPanther


      Hehehe That will teach you for messing around. I seem to have a permenant stork since seeing all you guys lol

  9. Gonna enjoy a nice fully clothed bath tonight.

    1. TimLucas


      I'm gonna take pictures ;)

    2. TimLucas


      Jeans, belt, socks, blue plaid Hilfiger boxers, Globe sneakers, t-shirt...


  10. hot pics

    1. TimLucas


      Thanks! Any favourites? ;)

    2. secsagger999


      They're all so hot and good. It's hard to pick a fav

  11. Horny and hard...


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