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    Hi I'm Liam. I'm into sagging, if the sag's wet even better lol!I've also got a youtube page youtube.com/liamshw
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  1. liam

    Role Play and handcuffs?

    Loved it! I think it was more funny than cringeworthy. Great to have a bit of a story as well ... overall a great video!
  2. liam


    Summertime ... the perfect time for a flamey in boardshorts album! ;-)
  3. liam

    Advice needed for my party outfit

    My 2 favourites would be skinny jeans with sideless shirt or rufskin pants with wifebeater. They both look very hot!
  4. liam

    Getting Wet

    Amazing album Ma5t3rd10O0O! I love the double layer of vest and tshirt and how the black shows through the red as it gets soaked. We definitely need many more wet albums like this.
  5. liam

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    I used to wear boxers all the time a few years ago, but I've switched to boxer briefs pretty much full time now. It's just to hard to find nice looking boxers anymore ... I don't want old man patterns LOL. Boxer briefs are comfortable and there's a good range of designs both cheap and more expensive.
  6. liam

    ALS Challenge

    Hot video Flamey! I love those humor jeans on you ... they look amazing.
  7. liam

    ALS Challenge

    Great video Nick ... and of course vstyle, wetwetwetnl and Brandon! Looking forward to seeing the rest to!!
  8. liam

    Getting Wet

    Wow! Amazing vid! With the summer coming up, maybe some sw members can do a remake?
  9. liam

    Hot Sagger Carwash

    OMG you're kidding! Who wouldn't want to see it?!!?
  10. liam

    Freegun 40% Off!

    I got some to! Does anybody else find the little tag on the bottom of the left leg a bit irritating? any tips to deal with it or am i just being a girl?
  11. liam

    Freegun Special Offer

    Just in time for the January sales hopefully!
  12. What do you guys think of my battleships album? Anybody want to play a game sometime?

    1. manniberlin
    2. Guntz


      I would, If I could.

    3. TimLucas


      The album is freakin' hot!

  13. liam

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Deffo a hot gunging of a cute guy!

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