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  1. Love your album! Great sagging!!

  2. Something less serious: My French horn teacher used to smoke really heavily, like almost 15-18 cigarettes a day. He never switched to rolling cigarettes on his own, thus he spent about 130€ per month on smoking (5€/pack of 20 cigarettes). He had to stop smoking due to some complicated desseases he suffers from - literally overnight. For about one month you could really see how much he suffered from being forbidden to smoke. So a question to the smokers on here: How much do you spend on cigarettes per month? And how much is pack of 20 cigs in your country? What about politicians' attitude t
  3. I hope you won't be locked up into a non-smoking cell
  4. I know loads of smokers, but I can get along with very few of them, namely those who know the meaning of the words "(to) harm", "(to) hurt" or "tolerance". They know that their second hand smoke is seriously damages the health of those who are forced to inhale it. And then there is a second group of smokers, claiming that they "aren't hurting anyone" and that their "human rights" are violated. Thats such a weak and irrational excuse, it really makes me laugh whenever I hear it Just today I have been called "intolerant bastard" for kindly requesting some smokers to move to the designated smoke
  5. I suppose you don't mean a DS from the 60s till early 80s? If so, I would be really jealous... If I had the money, such a déesse (DS is a french word play for goddess) would be my first vintage car to buy
  6. I really love shopping, and I seldomly do it alone. There are very few guys I know who I would consider able to judge what I try on, so I mostly ask my female friends if they want to go shopping with me, usually they do we usually go by train to a bigger city (by train because we like to have a few drinks in the evening ) It's really fun, you always get feedback on what you try on, and it's very inspirational. And there's nothing better than choosing outfits for the girls they actually buy
  7. as fuel is about twice as expensive here in the Germany than in the US, people think much more about alternative technologies. I just made some calculations: in Germany you would pay 7,86$ p. gallon.
  8. I'm just going through my father's vinyl records. My god, they had some good music back then. Currently listening to Pink Floyd - Animals
  9. I suppose you are from a rich family - or did you already earn this bunch of money by yourself? but honestly, it's fun to drive a sports car, but it's not very suitable for everyday use. driving with a trailer would be totally ridiculous, or just imagine if you have to buy really much to eat and to drink for a party. I wouldn't like to have beverage crates on my leather seats I'm sure that you, owning these three cars, can easily afford to buy a more practical one, because usually, they are cheaper in Germany you're allowed to drive at the age of 17, when somebody more mature accompanies you
  10. nice first album, just approved the pics, man ! hot sags in there ;)

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