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  1. hey man i mved to australia, where are you based? my insta is worldsagger, would be cool to meet

  2. wagz


    How very sudden. So she's had a laparoscopy to diagnose and determine the extent of the endometriosis? One can have a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst. Likewise, one can have a laparoscopy or even laparotomy to treat endometriosis, along with hormonal treatment to curtail its reappearance.
  3. wagz


    19 is stupidly young to be committing to never having children...
  4. Sent you a message dude

  5. Well actually, in a way, yes. People who commit alcohol related offences are generally forced to attend mandatory detox or alcohol awareness programs as well receiving court orders barring them from entering venues that serve alcohol, as well as any other jail sentences. In addition, the alcohol industry is heavily regulated; there are many restrictions on who can drink, where alcohol can be served, and when. All of that, and alcoholic beverages aren't even designed to kill living beings. The risk of bad consequences from the distribution and use of guns is far greater than the risk of bad consequences from the distribution and usage of alcoholic beverages. It's pretty obvious the steps the US would need to take to start working towards long term resolutions for gun violence, but the circle-jerk gun culture and political money is just toxic towards ever getting anywhere.
  6. wagz

    Anyone watch Alex Jones?

    lmao fkn wish we had a colony on mars, slaves or no slaves
  7. wagz

    Anyone watch Alex Jones?

    Be careful with this ****. He's not right about pretty much anything, and yet people get hooked and then you get more crazy fuckers getting the wrong idea about things and turning into angry old white dudes just like him. Don't even risk it man, he's a fuckin idiot.
  8. wagz

    Driving issues

    Most countries' legislation requires, on roads with more than one direction of traffic, cars to drive on the right side (within any lanes right of the centre) of the road, relative to the direction you're travelling down the road. These countries also tend to require the vehicle's steering wheel to be on the left side of the vehicle itself. The inverse is also true. I'm in Australia and our steering wheels are on the right of the car, and we drive on the left side of the road. The opposite wheel vs lane tends to be because that way, your driving seat is closer to the 'centre' of the road, and thus any oncoming traffic / passing traffic (this is especially helpful for for seeing those passing cars behind you as that puts them in your closer mirror). Most countries also have certain exceptions for imported vehicles or 'club' registration vehicles so that they may have the steering wheel on the opposite side to the side that legislation demands - provided there's a good enough reason, or is going to be changed soon. Some vehicles also have a centred steering wheel; these also have exemptions. Other vehicles have two steering wheels - large specialised trucks or construction vehicles, training vehicles etc. I'm not aware of any countries which legally allow drivers to regularly or intentionally drive on the "opposite" side of the road to that which their legislation demands, nor any which don't specify a driving side - obviously for safety reasons. Although in practice, there are some countries (think certain Asian countries) where the traffic just goes where it pleases so these aren't great examples for nature of road/wheel sides. The legalities become a little more complex when you consider unmarked roads and dirt roads - but it's solved by simple laws such as "keep left". In Australia, we have a "keep left law" which means it's an offence to not drive on the left side of the road as far left as is reasonably safe (obviously on a road with marked lanes you must still be within a lane). So this means on an unmarked road, you should still stay to the left side of the road. The interesting situation this creates though is that technically, it's an offence to drive in the centre-left lane on a two lane road, unless the far left lane is full or you are overtaking etc. This rule is pretty much NEVER actually put into practice though, other than in specific situations where signs declare it. I'm pretty sure no one in the history of ever got pulled over for simply not keeping left on dirt road, or driving in the lane of their choice on a freeway. But you definitely would be pulled over for driving on the right side on an unmarked road - many residential streets don't have lane markings.
  9. wagz


    If you confront him, it indicates that this is something you have worried about and spent time thinking of. If he reaches that conclusion, he now has leverage over you. I'd let it pass. It's not worth it. If you make it a big thing, it will become a big thing. THAT is when other people WILL "find out".
  10. wagz


    yeah no **** aha aussies swear a lot normally, but some of us are even looser with our mouths
  11. wagz

    A Or B?

    I got mostly plain ones, but I've started buying some dope ass patterned ones. Tipsy. **** always ends bad when drunk lel No more sex OR never sag again?
  12. wagz

    A Or B?

    Ahah niqqa **** yo ass Jeans yo! Vodka or Beer?
  13. wagz

    A Or B?

    Vertical stripes yo. A - easy. Half the point of the sag is peeps that see it. I'm not gonna ask one cos three way is confusing as **** right now haha
  14. wagz

    What are you wearing right now?

    Dark Grey MIX boxerbriefs, light grey skinny jeans, a black tee with a sexy ass pic of Catwoman on it lmfao Sagging below my ass and at the start of my shaft.

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