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    Personally, I'd love just to find an honest, loving boyfriend. The sagging is just an extra plus.
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    A boyfriend who sags would b perfect! dudes r always kinda like wtf wen they notice my sag n it sucks wen I see how few gay saggers there r esp locally.
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    I’m the type of gay man that really enjoys sagging when I can. I feel like it’s becoming more part of my expression of sexuality. I enjoy getting my sag wet as well. Recently, I celebrated my coming out gay anniversary with a wet sag in the shower. My hope is to find a boyfriend who would either sag with me or enjoy watching me sag. I can imagine coming home after being out all day and letting my pants sag. Then as soon as I see my boyfriend, we would start kissing while sagging and on some days, hit the shower in our sag. If only I could find a boyfriend who’s into sagging and getting wet in clothes. The feeling is awesome!
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    It would be nice to have a boyfriend who is into sagging his pants in public and at home of course and kiss and hug. That I would like to have one day.
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    I normally do it before I sleep and right after I wakey up and usually I wake up with my hands stuffed inside the front of my boxers aha I also 99% of the time sleep and sag too
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    4 years later, but I found some pics of him after a research on instagram ! And also, if anyone could find the video where these pics have been taken from, even if I doubt it's possible, it seems pretty old, I don't even know if it's a video actually lol:
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    Hey, man. I've heard of this. Best wishes!
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    hey! I think I should come back here! been lost from this site for so long!
  10. 2 points
    circle jerks get me worked. with a bunch of hott saggers even better
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    Can’t find the group. Love when saggers accidentally lose their jeans
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    Every time I spend the night at my girlfriend's house I sleep in my boxer shorts or sleep naked so every time that she wakes up to go the bathroom or getting ready to go work and sees me pitching a tent in my boxer shorts or under the sheets she will suck me off while I am sleeping
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    Haha oh hmmm... I haven't been into my inbox yet (not had time) as i understand it is full. Hoping to get back on track this weekend
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    Deffo my black NewLook Super Skinny Stretch jeans. Lots of stretch around my crotch and i love to slide them down the ass, to show off some cheek in public it turns me on like f*ckin mad
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    I wouldn't mind jerking someone off this evening actually. Who on here wants a hand job??? It'd be completely above board with no oral involved. I don't have issues with that, it's getting my lips around a head. I'm selective in who'm i suck off
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    Posted some more pics, this time outfit for the day. Sneak peek below. Enjoy
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    My black Nike track pants size Boys XL. I am 31 years old and can fit into Boys XL stuff
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    These are the craziest pair of ripped knee super skinny stretch jeans i own, but i love them. Yep, i wear them out and about and also when sagging
  20. 1 point
    I got a pair of joggers that are extremely loose in the waist. Can never seem to keep them up at all.
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    8:33 , He's pretty hot !
  22. 1 point
    Mate, when are you gonna post some new pics? You're sooo hot and them sags are literally OMG. Just had to say
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  24. 1 point
    I’d love if someone could do this for me now.
  25. 1 point
    I love to get wet too! Would like someone to join me

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