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    We do. We care about him. His health.. His mental state....all that. He was brought up into the entertainment industry at a very young age which isn't really normal. And to.make matters even more creepy most of the people who run the industry are legit pedophiles anyways. He didn't live a normal and proper teenager life so he is unsure I am guessing. So now that the boy is supposedly getting married , he is getting everything off his chest to his new lady friend. He still a drama queen tho.
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    You can get rid of all his accounts for all I care. He's not even a good troll, he's like the "class clown" that just sucks the fun out of any discussion. But oh well, I suppose he has a right to be here. Anyway, it's easier to ignore him than to pay him any attention.
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    0, it's weak trolling for internet standards.
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    I told @FBIAgentSaggbboo to stop using this account and to use his normal one. He can't post on this one anyway. And yes numerous people have moaned about the account...
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    If you intentionally bait people into arguing with you, they aren't "haters."
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    I’m always sagging when I have clothes on. I just prefer to relax naked
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    One of my self made sideless
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    @FBIAgentSaggbboo why is it you take satisfaction aka pleasure from stiring up trouble? There is no need for it. And @TheOther1 i'm surprised at you for keeping this daft thread alive tbh.
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    From the album: Boxer briefs for sale, pt 1

    A pack of 14 pairs of boxer briefs for sale! Not selling these separately, only all in a same box. 7 x Aeropostale 3 x Sly 1 x Abercrombie & Fitch 1 x Aussiebum 1 x Jack & jones 1 x Jules Size M. Price is 30 EUR / 27 GBP / 35 USD. Shipping to Europe is 29 EUR / 26 GBP, shipping to USA is 50 USD.
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    but you cannot sag without clothes!
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    quess what guys i freeballed outside and got a high from it
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    Had fun wetting my pants and then went to a local library and cafe. No comments from anybody, perhaps some looks, althouhg it is quite obvious what I had done.
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    ASOS and ES have some nice ones. But most I made myself from some nice vests
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    God, in love with my sagger selfie stick... The arm gets a rest (not having to proper stretch it out) lol. The angles you can achieve are amazing.
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    Hmm...... I think I have to go with belt undone too. Seeing a guy lose his pants in public or pantsing a guy in public?
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    When my girlfriend and I get home from work our shoes,socks,pants,shirts and her bra comes off and we lounge around in our Boxer Shorts or sometimes we lounge around in the nude because my junk needs to breathe and flop around and her boobs need to breathe and let them bounce
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    indeed hot Sagger!! dont forget to mute the sound!

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