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    Nothing is hotter than guys sagging shiny basketball shorts!
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  1. Anyone in the LA area who is into basketball shorts should hit me up ;)

  2. Basketball shorts all day every day

    1. ShortsLover


      mmmm yea love layering multiple bball short

  3. This is by far my biggest fetish, no doubt about it. I can't handle seeing a guy in silky bball shorts. Its too sexy for me
  4. Guys wearing slides n socks is too hot

    1. vansversset


      agreed. but totally depending on the guy:P

  5. Basketball shorts and guys wearing slides IS HOT AF!!!

  6. Hit me up if ur into bball shorts

  7. guys in basketball shorts are so effing hot! :)

  8. Yes
  9. Hey what's up? Hit me up if ur into basketball shorts :)

  10. If ur into basketball shorts check out my gallery and send me a message ;)

    1. silkysag


      they are as beauty as ever!

  11. Any other latino saggers like me out there?

    1. swagxsagger


      mmhmm love latino saggers

  12. nice! wish i couls see more of his bball shorts
  13. anyone into guys in basketball shorts? comment me ur skype and wear bball shorts :)

    1. shortsagger


      broo lets swap shorts? :P

  14. I really like guys who wear Bball shorts!!