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  1. silkysag

    hot new(?) boxer brand !!

    Yeee!! no cotton all spandex and nylon. Small collection, but it looks great!
  2. silkysag


  3. silkysag

    Silkiest Basketball Shorts?

    These are the ones I just bought. 4XL! They are really my favorites now.
  4. silkysag

    Silkiest Basketball Shorts?

    I just got some in black. They are really awsome!!
  5. silkysag

    Silkiest Basketball Shorts?

    2 pockets one side? 2 pockets left and right on one of the reversible sides?
  6. silkysag

    Silkiest Basketball Shorts?

    Woow, really amazing. To bad reversible never have side pockets.
  7. silkysag

    Belt Recommendations

    Countryside can be nice and online shopping useful!
  8. silkysag

    Belt Recommendations

    Can't you find it somewhere in your neighbourhood? I just googled and found this: http://www.jeancity.co.uk/accessories/levis-new-buckle-canvas-belt-white.html
  9. silkysag


    go for it! Enjoy your 'new' life!
  10. silkysag

    Pierced ears and earrings

    One in each ear. Some say the right side is for gays, some say the left side is, so I wanted to be sure
  11. silkysag

    Hygiene Survey

    1. Yes, (mostly) pee is clean but so is food, both attrack bacteria, so I try to wash hands also after eating 2. Of course 3. Daily 4. Daily (or more after sporting) Note: I don't always use soap or shampoo, for it's bad for the skin
  12. silkysag

    Age Gap?

    Age gaps are of all times, my grandfather maried someone 25y younger, I chose someone 22y younger
  13. silkysag

    Role Play and handcuffs?

    Great video and nice pictures in the end!
  14. silkysag

    I am having a hard time with finding myself

    Don't feel weird about not liking anal or sucking, a lot of gays don't like that either. Being gay is about prefering same gender and that's all. This means there are a lot of diffrent gay types. If your neighbourhood won't be able to accept you as you are, killing yourself is no answer. If there really is no hope than you must plan to leave that region. There are other places in the world where you can be accepted as you are. Just knowing that you might, can or will leave some day will give you already some hope on a better future. Start planning, start thinking today! I wish you a lot of succes!
  15. we did airbnb and I can advise that!

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